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Indoor water fountains are lovely additions to business spaces of all sorts. Law offices, medical offices, home offices, spas, salons, gyms, retail stores, advertising agencies, event venues, hotels, and veterinary offices are a small sampling of the businesses that can enhance the decor with a fountain. With each of these types of businesses spaces, there are specific considerations that should be taken into account.


Comfort of Visitors and Employees

The comfort of visitors and employees is a paramount concern when you are considering a fountain for your office space. While water features are known to have a calming effect, they can make some people uncomfortable. For example, the sound of cascading water might be a very hard sound for a woman who has a full bladder because she is awaiting an ultrasound to hear. If you think that the sounds of an indoor water fountain might make visitors or employees uncomfortable, you can look into fountains that are silent or nearly silent if you still want to enjoy the beauty of the water fountain. You can often combat the sounds of a soft water fountain with overhead music so that the sound of the fountain isn’t the only sound in an otherwise quiet building. Instrumental music is a good choice because it helps to keep the peaceful atmosphere that the fountain starts.

Available Space

The space you have available is a big factor in the indoor water fountain you choose. If you have large, open spaces, you can incorporate a floor fountain into the decor. Smaller spaces might not be able to accommodate a large floor fountain; however, a wall fountain will usually fit right into a smaller space. Once you know the size and type of the fountain you need, you can start looking into the different design options that are available. Whether you have ample space or limited space, you should make sure that the fountain you choose doesn’t overtake the space. Make sure that you have room for people to walk and for essential decor like seating. Taking measurements of the fountain, existing decor, and the room will help you to determine if the fountain you want will fit into the allotted space without taking over the room.

Surrounding Decor

The decor that you are using for your business has a lot of impact on the fountain you choose. A very ornately decorated space needs an ornate fountain. A simple fountain looks better in a casual space. A simple, modern stainless steel fountain would look best in a space that has modern decor. This is an option that would work for a gym, a medical center, or even a modern salon. A more ornate marble or decorated cement fountain would be much better suited to a space with rich decor. This is an option for a law office or advertising agency that features large mahogany desks and leather-covered seating options. If you are unsure of what type of fountain you want, take pictures of the decor in the space and print out a picture of the fountain. Place the picture of the fountain over the picture of the decor to see how you like it. While the pictures might not be perfect, doing this will at least give you an idea of how the fountain will fit in with the decor in the room.

Sanitation and Cleanliness

The sanitation and cleanliness of the fountain is something that is critically important in all businesses; however, in spaces like doctor’s offices, it is even more important. When it comes to indoor fountains, you have to be willing to put in the work that’s necessary to keep your fountain sanitary. This includes changing filters and keeping the entire fountain clean. Being able to access the fountain is a big consideration when it comes to cleaning. If you are going to place other decor around the fountain, you must ensure that you leave room to get to the fountain during cleaning times. For some floor fountains, this means that you need to leave a space at the back of the fountain free from obstacles that can’t be easily moved. If the fountain has a recirculating pump, you still need to ensure that there is a water source readily available for times when the fountain needs to be refilled. If the fountain doesn’t have a recirculating pump, you will need to have a permanent connection professionally placed; which is necessary if one wishes to avoid having hoses placed where they can be tripping hazards.


When considering an indoor water fountain, think about how long you will be in the current space. This isn’t too big of a concern if you are considering a wall fountain, since they can be moved a bit easier than a floor fountain. If you aren’t planning on a move soon, a large indoor fountain that requires permanent changes to the space, such as water lines running through the floors or areas cut out of the floor, might be suitable. If you are planning on moving from your current space to another space, you will have to decide if you want to take a floor fountain with you or not. From there, you have to determine how the floor fountain might affect the space when you move out. If you will have to alter the floor or make permanent changes, it might make it difficult to get the space back up to par.


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