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decorating ideas to highlight garden fountains

Garden fountains are lovely additions to an outdoor living space. A variety of designs, including personalized fountains, can turn a plan backyard into your own paradise. When you purchase a fountain for your outdoor area, there are several ways that you can dress it up to give it a design that embodies your personal style. Many of the ideas are seasonal since they include live plants; however, there are also some ideas that can add a fun touch to your fountain all year long. Check out these 10 ideas for highlighting your garden fountain: 


Fountain in the garden park

Flowers Add Color

Adding flowers around your garden fountain can give a single-color fountain a blast of color. When you are choosing flowers for your fountain, make sure that you consider the USDA Plant Hardiness Zone that you live in so that you can increase the chance of the flowers’ survival. You must also consider the height of the flowers once they reach maturity. You don’t want the flowers to grow above the fountain in a way that would hide the fountain. Ideally, the area you plant with flowers will be the same shape as your fountain. A circular area of flowers to accent a round garden fountain or a square area of flowers to accent a square fountain are examples. 

Greenery Increases the Natural Look

Greenery adds a natural element to the fountain. The type of greenery you choose depends on the hardiness zone for your area, as well as the look you are going for. Vining greenery, such as ivy, can climb the fountain if you want to camouflage the base of the fountain. Greenery that grows straight, such as mother-in-law’s tongue, is a good option to place around the fountain with shorter plants or flowers in front of the taller greenery.

Herbs Spice Up the Fountain

Many people don’t think of herbs as a good highlight for outdoor garden fountains; however, many garden fountains have a small bit of water that splashes out of them. That provides the moisture that herbs, such as lavender or sweet basil, need to grow. Another bonus to growing herbs around the fountain is that many herbs aren’t high growers, so you can show off the full fountain without much disguise. 

Vegetables Make the Fountain Look Healthy

Vegetables that don’t grow very tall can add a healthy touch to your fountain. Depending on the hardiness zone in which you live, you might be able to have vegetables growing all year long. Taller vegetables, such as corn, wouldn’t be a good option to highlight your fountain. Ground cover and shorter vegetables are better options. Broccoli, greens, beans, pumpkins, and squash are some examples of vegetables that can add a bit of functional color to the fountain.

Fruits Add a Sweet Touch

Some fruits, such as blueberries and strawberries, can work for taller fountains. If you plant a vining fruit, such as strawberries, they will likely climb the fountain. If you don’t want it to climb the fountain, add a trellis to give the fruit something to climb on. Fruits add a tasty bit of color to the fountain.

Pathways Provide All-Season Appeal

A pathway that leads to the fountain and encircles the fountain adds a finished look to the fountain. This pathway can also give you access to the fountain all year long. If you live in an area that usually sees snow, make sure you choose a pathway medium that will allow you to shovel the surface so you can visit the fountain in every season.


Figurines Give a Personal Touch

Figurines, such as the wildly popular gnome, can add a personal touch to your fountain. If you have a favorite spots team or cause, you can find outdoor figurines that show off your love for the team or cause. Metal butterflies and other similar figurines add a natural looking element to the fountain area.

Copper Adds Flash

Adding copper accents to your garden fountain adds a long-lasting visually pleasing element. If you are considering copper accents, make sure that you consider the care that you will have to provide for the accents. Copper accents on garden fountains need regular cleaning and proper care so that they don’t show signs of weathering and age.


Seating Allows You to Enjoy the Beauty

If you plan on enjoying the beauty of your fountain for long periods of time, add comfortable seating around the fountain or near the fountain. You can enjoy the soothing sounds of the fountain while you read a book or just enjoy looking out at your outdoor living space. If you aren’t planning on spending long period by the fountain, but you do want the option to sit for a little while, add concrete or metal benches to the area. 

Lighting Makes Your Fountain Shine


A fountain that has lighting allows you to enjoy your fountain around-the-clock. When it comes to lighting, you have several options. You can choose from multi-colored lighting, single-colored lighting, or white lights. Make sure that you consider the color of your fountain and the accents around the fountain when you are trying to decide on what type of lighting you want to install. Once you decide on a color, you can decide on a power source. Generally, you can choose from wired lights, battery-operated lights, or solar-powered lights. Ultimately, the accents you add to your garden fountain area depends on the vision you have for the space. You can use more than one of these suggestions, such as adding flowers, greenery, a pathway, seating, and lights, to make the fountain a focal point of your yard.

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