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The trickling and sliding motions of water fountains call to daydreamers, who imagine stunning waterfalls and oases with cabana boys bringing you fruity drinks along the beaches. Such pleasant dreams aren’t confined to the imagination or a high priced ticket to a five-star resort. Such a soothing feeling can be incorporated into any room of your home to create a relaxing and stress-free mood. Here are ten places where you may want to place indoor water fountains in your home or business for a water effect that sets the right mood. 

Welcoming Home Foyers

Foyers are those small entryways when walking into a home where a person can take a seat to slip on their shoes, greet guests and catch the teenager giving her boyfriend a secret goodnight kiss after their date at the movies. A wall water fountain can greet guests and tell them that they will find a relaxing home waiting for them. You can also use it to mask the ringing doorbell of people for whom you’d rather not answer.

Catchall Mudrooms

If you have a fountain in the foyer, don’t forget to place one in the mudroom. While we don’t suggest to rinse the muddy kids off by dunking them under the pouring water, we do recommend that you sit for a spell after a tiring day playing tag football as you can relax and let sore muscles rest before heading into the kitchen. Just remind the kids that the tabletop fountain is not to be used as a bathroom sink when you tell them to come inside and wash their hands before dinner.

Stairway Serenity

A staircase to serenity is just right around the balustrade. You probably have that one little spot under the stairs used to hold dusty knickknacks or forgotten storage containers. Take the stuff out and place in a standing water feature that creates soothing sounds for anyone traversing the steps. You can also soothe young children who are afraid of things lurking under the stairs by telling them the water will drive the beasts out to higher ground outside the house. 

Lobby Relaxation

Ever see the mood change in a busy lobby at a commercial establishment? It is an incredible sight to behold. People relax in their chairs while reading outdated magazines as they wait for their appointments. When you are looking for anything to get people to calm down and be more patient, then a large indoor water fountain works wonders. Why else do you see fish tanks at a doctor’s or dentist’s office? Yup, they know that the sound of water and watching the fish move about relieves appointment stress. Might as well do the same in your establishment by using a water fountain. 

Livening Up Living Rooms

Water, water everywhere and so beautiful to look at from afar. Water features in the living room make the perfect conversation piece for all the guests that arrive at your home for the fancy party. They can drink the night away while congregating around the standing fountain or wall fountain while wishing they had one of their own. Just make sure to check underneath people’s coats to ensure that they aren’t trying to walk out of your home with your beautiful fountain. 

Delightful Dining Room Decor

Who wants to deal with a blaring television going on in the background while you are trying to eat a relaxing dinner with the family? Sit down the smartphones and tablets and have an entertaining dinner together with the soothing sounds of a water fountain bubbling in the background. It is way better than fighting on what songs to listen on their phones as you can have a fun time chatting with each other. Make a list of topics to discuss. You also never have to worry about those awkward moments of silence. 

Home Office Stress Beater

Time to get to work in your pajamas. Home offices are the ultimate workspace in your home where you can grab a cup of coffee, kiss your spouse on the cheek, turn on the computer and blank out of the next two hours while procrastinating about that upcoming deadline. Help to pass the time more productively by having indoor water fountains in your office. They will at least relieve the stress when you rush the last 15 minutes to get a 10-page white paper with attached PowerPoint presentation finished. 

Conference Room Conversation Piece

Imagine meeting the important stakeholders to discuss the state of the company’s operations, as they sit in the boardroom impatiently fidgeting in their chairs. Now imagine in the background a large water feature, colored lights beaming from the backlight, as the rush of moving water causes the people to talk gaily about their golf games and sports bets. Yes, you could still get raked over the coals over your mismanagement of company affairs. At least it will be done in a relaxing atmosphere as you can zone out to the soothing sounds of the water fountain when they ask the tough questions. 

Soothing Sunrooms

Okay, well maybe it can be argued that a sunroom isn’t an indoor space in your house. Who cares! It still makes a wonderful place to have a wall fountain or standing fountain. Place it in the corner of the room, sit back and close your eyes as the soothing fountain water pulls the stress and bad vibes from your bones. You can create that oasis away from the kids while reading a book or taking a nap. Ha! Who are we kidding? The kids will take over the space to toss their balls over your napping head, but at least you will feel less stressed when they break a window.

Cubicle Retreats

Going postal will never enter your mind when you have a bubbling indoor fountain in your cubicle. Tabletop fountains are just the right size to fit on the desk without taking up too much space. Turn on the fountain and pound on the computer keys as you will amaze the boss with your renewed dedication to the job. You also won’t go beat up the copier with a baseball bat when the boss asks you to work on a Saturday. It just means you will enjoy listening to your fountain in peace and quiet. BYLINE: Michelle H. is a freelance writer who enjoys writing on a number of topics from lifestyle to business. She writes informational and humorous subject matter. 

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