Fountain Trends


Garden fountains can easily become the focal point of an outdoor event at your home or business. These fountains add a beautiful element to the space that can be relaxing or invigorating, depending on the environment around the fountain. If you are planning an outdoor party or other event, consider these 10 ways to highlight the garden fountain. 

1. Keep it Clean

The most important thing to do when you have garden fountains as a highlight is to make sure they’re clean. Dirty garden fountains detract from an event’s elegance. If you aren’t sure how to clean your garden fountain, consult the instructions that you received upon purchase, contact the manufacturer or reach out to the seller of the fountain to determine how you should clean it. In some cases, you might have to drain the fountain and do a deep cleaning if the fountain was especially dirty.

2. Surround It by Accent Features

Accent features, like flowers and other decorations, will draw attention to garden fountains without making it very obvious that they’re the focal point. If the area near the fountain already has plants and flowers, make sure the decorations complement the natural beauty surrounding the fountain. If possible, use colors that flow well with the season of the event

3. Set Up a Photography Area

If people will take pictures during the event, you can set up a simple photography area. You don’t have to hire a photographer. Instead, you can carve out an area so that guests will want an elegant picture near the fountain. This can be as simple as adding a stable, solid-colored flooring in front of the fountain. Of course, if your fountain space is especially elegant, nothing will be needed to make the fountain a great background for the pictures.


4. Use as a Backdrop for a Gift Table

Birthdays, receptions, and showers all include gifts. Having the gift table set up near the fountain will provide some nice pictures of the gift table. If you opt to place the gift table near the garden fountain, leave enough space between the fountain and the table so the gifts don’t get wet.


5. Play Music

Try to find music that matches the intensity of the fountain. Set the speakers up close enough to the fountain so that the music is best heard in the space near the fountain. When you do this, ensure that the power cords and electronic components don’t get wet by the fountain’s over spray.
Play music

6. Add a Dance Floor

Placing the dance floor near the fountain can instantly draw attention to it, just make sure the dance floor surface isn’t slippery if the fountain sprays water. The last thing you need is for a guest to slip and fall while they are trying to have a good time. Even if the dance floor isn’t right next to the fountain, you can still use the dance floor as a distant enhancement for the fountain.

dance floor

7. Highlight with Lights

Use lighting to enhance your garden fountains. While white lights are a classic option, you could also use colored lights that match the theme of the event. If the event is beach themed, consider lighting that mimics a natural sunset or embodies the colors of the ocean. If the event is a baby shower that uses pastels, use similar colors to draw attention to the fountain. Be sure your lights don’t pose a tripping hazard for guests. If you use ground-mounted lights, mark them appropriately to avoid mishaps. 

highlight light

8. Set Up a Bar Area

Use the fountain as a backdrop for the bar area if you plan to serve alcohol. The bartender will need ample space to work without having to worry about getting wet. Also, plan to have adequate lighting in the area and ensure you have the necessary permits to serve alcohol. 

9. Serve Food

A buffet area near a garden fountain is sure to be eye catching. Before you set up the tables, decide if you are going to allow guests to flow on both sides of the tables or only one side. Leave enough space so that the food, guests, and servers don’t get wet while eating. Use warmers and other service options that don’t require electricity as this might pose a shock hazard because of the water in the fountain.


10. Create an Intimate Seating Arrangement

arrangement could give your garden fountains a boost. Instead of trying to make the area large, create several smaller seating areas that allow small groups of people to have conversations without feeling overwhelmed. If you offer more than one set of seating, you might find that guests will move the chairs around a bit if necessary. 

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