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Ah, the calming sounds of flowing water. You’ve heard it in the doctor’s office, before your airplane takes off, or during that part of your yoga class when you’re supposed to cool down and relax. This is because science has found time and again that the sound of moving water, whether it be waves rolling into the shore or the rushing of a waterfall, is nature’s most soothing soundtrack. While buying a beach house may seem like a faraway dream, what you cando today is install a water fountain in your home or garden. Water fountains are becoming increasingly popular in individual homes and gardens because they can improve the quality of your experience at home in many different ways.

Need another reason? The experts can give you 4:

1) Timeless Elegance:

Water fountains have been enjoyed in private and public spaces throughout the centuries and throughout different civilizations. In fact, some have been so well preserved that they are still admired and enjoyed by visitors from all around the world. From the widely celebrated garden fountains at the Palace of Versailles near Paris to the Trevi Fountain, which remains one of the best known landmarks of Rome, water fountains have long been regarded as a symbol of vitality, tranquility and prosperity. Whether you choose to introduce one to your home or garden, your fountain is sure to garner the appreciation of all who see it. Anyone who enters your home, whether it be for a short visit or a dinner party, will be charmed, and you will find that a quality fountain will become the focal point of your home that will be enjoyed for generations to come.

2) Improved Indoor Air Quality:

These days, people are becoming increasingly concerned with their home’s IAQ, or indoor air quality. Basically, an increased number of pollutants have caused people to become more concerned about how clean the air they are breathing really is and how to improve its quality. While a variety of different solutions, such as humidifiers and air purifiers, have been introduced, they are largely bulky, noisy, and require constant cleaning and maintenance to ensure that they operate properly. In contrast, a home water fountain is not only pleasing to the eyes and ears, but also combines the benefits of both a humidifier and an air purifier. While a humidifier operates by aerially dispersing gasified water throughout a given space and an air purifier uses negative ions to attract dust and dirt particles, a water fountain can do both. Its constantly circulating water stream ensures that fresh H20 keeps the surrounding air hydrated and oxygenated while its negative ions pull dust and dirt out of the air and purifies it. In addition, water fountains are easy to care for. As long as they have sufficient water and are drained and wiped clean on a monthly basis, they will run smoothly for years. Don’t be worried if you notice buildup in your water fountain- this is all the debris that it has saved you from breathing in. 


3) A Perfect Source of White Noise:

Due to continuous urbanization, many people find it harder than ever to relax in their own homes. They may be disturbed by the sound of passing traffic, insects, or even the noise that comes from their own home appliances, such as their dishwashers or air conditioners. This noise may seem especially pronounced late at night, leading to insomnia. If you are suffering from similar problems, you can take one of two courses of action-you can try taking medication to chemically induce sleep or you can find a source of white noise to block out distractions. The potential side effects of medication are clear-grogginess in the morning, headaches, dependency, etc. This makes white noise a far better option, and water fountains are proven to provide the most soothing kind of white noise. Unlike sound clips or electronic recordings, you don’t have to worry about rewinding or looping the sound of your water fountain’s stream. It’s constant flow means you can rest assured that you will get a good night’s sleep and wake up refreshed.


4) Fresher, More Vibrant Plants:

Even the most avid gardeners will find that they cannot always give their prized plants all the attention that they deserve. Work, trips, and the weather can interfere and cause flowers and plants to shrivel and die before they have a chance to fully bloom. These unfortunate events usually happen during the summers, when the weather can be the hardest to predict. But while it may be impossible for home owners to control nature, they can make up for its shortcomings. By installing a water fountain in your garden, you not only ensure that your plants get the hydration they need at all levels, but that they are also insulated from the worst of the heat and have the best chance at pollination. One of the mistakes that many gardeners make is watering only the roots of their plants. Oftentimes, the moisture does not reach the plants’ flowers or fruits as they are located farthest from the roots.


This can cause them to wilt. When this happens, gardeners usually panic and water their plants excessively. But instead of reviving their flowers, this will only cause the overly saturated roots to rot and the entire plant to die. A much better solution (often used by florists) is to provide gentle hydration to the blossoms themselves. This can be done by misting the flowers by hand, or by installing a garden fountain. Because a garden fountain’s water source is constantly moving, water molecules easily disperse into the air, providing a constant source of hydration. In addition, this aerial hydration can shield plants during the hottest, driest months by decreasing the temperature of the nearby area. The water from your garden fountain will also be appreciated by birds, butterflies, and other pollinators. They will flock to your garden seeking hydration and stay to pollinate your flowers so that you can enjoy them for multiple seasons. 



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