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What space is available for the outdoor fountain?


An outdoor fountain isn’t something that should be squished by the surrounding elements in the yard. Trying to fit a large fountain into a tight space will make the fountain look out of place. In order to combat the fountain looking too large or small for the available space, you must draw a scale diagram. Include the elements that will immediately surround the fountain in the diagram.
Determine what size fountain can fit comfortably into the allotted space. If you still aren’t sure, you can find outdoor fountains that you like and use an object, such as cardboard, that has the same footprint as the fountain to determine how the fountain will fit into the space. Doing this is easy, as you only have to cut the cardboard and place it into the spot where the fountain will be installed. If you choose this option, make sure that you take the height of the fountain into account.

What fountain style would you like to see in your yard?


The style of the fountain is a very important consideration. You have to decide if you want a cascading fountain, a statue fountain, a simple fountain, an ornate fountain, an officially licensed fountain, or another type of fountain. One thing that might limit your possibilities is the budget that you have set for the project, so make sure that you look at the outdoor fountains within your set price point before falling in love with a fountain.
When you are considering the style of the fountain, you must consider the material it is made of. The suitable materials for a fountain will vary from one climate to another, so make sure you think about how the climate is all year long in your area. If you are unsure of what types of materials are appropriate for your area, speak to a customer service representative who can help you to decide what options can work in your area. Beautiful home garden granite waterfall pond

What accents would you like to go with the fountain?


The accents on the fountain can be almost as important as the fountain. Some accents for you to consider include lighting, decorative elements, sound, and color accents. Some accents, such as copper, require some care so you must learn about the care that is necessary for each accent you are considering. If you are thinking about including lights to enhance the fountain, you will have to consider the type of power source for the lights. You also have to think about whether you want lights that turn on automatically or ones that you have to manually turn on when you want to see the lights.

What does the area around the fountain look like?

The area around the fountain should make the fountain pop out as a focal point. If the area isn’t already landscaped, this isn’t too big of a concern. If the area is landscaped, you might need to take a picture of the area and use a photo program to place the fountain in its designated spot. This will allow you to see how the fountain will look in your yard.
If you have seating around where the fountain will be placed, consider how that seating will be affected by the fountain. For example, if you use the fountain space for a social circle now, that won’t work when the fountain is installed because the fountain will make it difficult for people to see other people that aren’t on the same side of the fountain. You must also ensure that the plants near the fountain will be able to withstand the change that the fountain will make in the space. If the water from the fountain is going to spray out onto nearby foliage, you must ensure that the foliage can withstand the water.

What functionality points are important for the fountain?

There are a few different functionality points to consider when you purchase a fountain. You must decide if you want a fountain that requires a wired power source or an unwired power source. Some fountains operate on kinetic energy or solar power, so if you don’t want a hardwired fountain, those are possible alternatives to a fountain that requires electricity. You should also consider your handyman abilities if you are planning on doing the setup and install yourself. Some fountains might require a bit more knowledge and skill to get installed. Finally, you should consider the operational model of the fountain. Some fountains operate on a continual basis. Others can be set on timers or operated manually so that you can decide when it will turn on and off. This can be a very important factor if you want to conserve electricity and have chosen a model that must be hardwired.

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