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When you finally return home after a long day, you want to relax and de-stress. You want to unwind, both mentally and physically, and get a good night’s sleep so that you wake up feeling refreshed, recharged and ready to take on another day. There are many ways to achieve this; some people like to have a glass of wine while others prefer a long bath. But while both of these methods can provide relief from weariness, their effects are only temporary. If you’re looking for a more lasting source of relief, why not make introduce a more permanent form of serenity to your home by installing a wall fountain? Indoor wall fountains are more than just an interior design trend–they’re a way to enhance your comfort and health while you’re at home. Basically, they allow you to experience all of the therapeutic benefits of a retreat to the springs on a daily basis.

How is this possible? Here is what science says:

1) Wall fountains provide a clean source of humidity:

While there are a variety of different humidifiers available on the appliance market, most of them can end up causing unexpected harm to your health. Humidifiers operate by vaporizing water and dispersing it throughout the surrounding air. While this may restore moisture into the air we breathe, the components inside a humidifier can develop mold and mildew and release these substances into the air as well. When inhaled, they can irritate the respiratory system, causing allergic reactions, sore throats, and other health problems. Wall fountains, on the other hand, are able to deliver a much cleaner source of moisture because they run on a source of constantly circulating water. Unlike the stagnant water source in a conventional humidifier, the continuous flow of water in your fountain prevents harmful microorganisms from developing.

2) Wall fountains provide a constant source of white noise:

When you need to bring work home or when you need to rest without any distractions, white noise has been proven to help. Basically, white noise masks other noises that may break your concentration or jolt you out of your sleep, like the sound of passing traffic or your neighbor’s dog barking. While it may seem strange that you can block out disturbing noises with “white noise”, the concept has gained enough credibility that white noise machines and white noise soundtracks have been developed for commercial purposes. The problem with these synthetic sources of white noise is that they need to be manually turned on and off. This can result in an unwanted interruption which can make your white noise a source of stress instead of relaxation. Fountains, on the other hand, provide a consistent source of white noise that won’t require your monitoring. As long as it has enough water to circulate and is not in need of repairs, your wall fountain will provide a natural source of white noise that will insulate you from any distractions.

3) Wall fountains provide a fresh source of water for your pets and plants:

As much as you love your pets, it can be difficult to remember to change their water bowls on a regular basis. If they still have some water left, chances are you’re going to leave it instead of emptying it, cleaning their bowls, and refilling them with fresh water. The problem is; your pets don’t like drinking stale water any more than you do. By installing a wall fountain indoors, you can ensure that your pets have a fresh source of water that won’t require any additional work on your part. Dogs and even cats like drinking from fountain streams and will often prefer it over drinking from a bowl. Additionally, your fountain will also help your plants to flourish. During the driest months, you may notice your plants drooping, even when you water them regularly. The aerial hydration from your fountain comes in direct contact with your plants’ leaves and flowers, helping them to perk up.

4) Wall fountains improve your indoor air quality:

With the vast amount of electronic waves and pollutants we encounter on a routine basis, more and more concern is being raised about the quality of air in closed spaces. What’s really in the air we breathe and how is it affecting us? If you’ve been experiencing chronic headaches, lethargy, or an inability to focus, you may be experiencing the adverse effects of poor air quality. Although we may not always be fully aware of it, our bodies are constantly having to deal with toxic substances that have become an everyday part of modern life. These substances include the positive ions that are released by the electronic appliances we cannot do without as well as a vast amount of dust, debris and other chemical compounds that are almost impossible to avoid. Fortunately, the running water in fountains produces negative ions that attract these airborne particles. They are the pulled out of the air and into the water, which is why you may notice dust particles floating on the surface of your fountain’s basin.

5) Wall fountains improve the value of your home:

Real estate studies that have been conducted to determine what raises a home’s value have consistently found that brick facades, wood flooring, and water features are all factors that potential home buyers are willing to pay extra for. Among these, indoor fountains add a touch of classical elegance to a home and give it a sense of charm and allure. A well placed wall fountain can act as an arresting focal point that will leave a lasting impression on all who visit your home. In addition, you or your real estate agent now know all the facts you need to inform potential buyers of all the ways that the wall fountain you invested in enhances the quality of life in your home.

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