Fountain Maintenance


If you’re considering adding a fountain or a pond to your garden, you’re probably someone who takes great pride in your outdoor space. Whether you enjoy the orderly beauty of a traditional English garden, the serene simplicity of a Japanese garden, or prefer to use your garden as a plot for organic fruits, vegetables, and herbs, it doesn’t matter: you will be able to find a water feature that complements your existing landscape and enhances its natural beauty. Fountains and ponds can also help you maintain a lush, green garden, regardless of the season. Do you need another reason to take the plunge? Here are seven of them.

Easy to Maintain

The award for “lowest maintenance” goes to solar fountains. Because they run on stored solar energy, they don’t need to be hooked up to a power source and can be placed anywhere in your garden. All they need is an occasional cleaning, which you can easily do yourself. Garden ponds and traditional fountains are also easy to install and maintain. As long as they are kept clean to prevent algae and bacteria from building up, you will be able to enjoy your water feature and its many benefits for years to come. 

Can be Coordinated with Your Garden’s Style

Gardens come in a variety of different sizes and styles. So do water features. Experience fountain retailers can provide you with an expert consultation on what type of water feature would be best-suited for your garden. They can help you choose a feature from a wide variety of materials and styles. Whether you prefer a neoclassical tiered fountain in marble or a rustic pot fountain in terra cotta, chances are here at, we have one in our inventory and can show you how it would look in your garden. In addition, we can also advise you on where to install your water feature and what types of rocks and plants can be used to decorate it. And if it so happens that we aren’t currently carrying your dream fountain, we will work with you to create it, install it, and help you maintain it. 

Attracts Birds, Butterflies, and other Wildlife

One of the most charming aspects of adding a fountain to your garden is watching birds and butterflies gather around to drink and frolic. Not only is it a beautiful sight to see, but these guests can also help your plants to flourish. Birds play a major role in disseminating the seeds necessary for your annuals to thrive year after year, and butterflies can help with the cross-pollination that will make your plants hardier and produce more flowers and fruit. If you choose to add a pond, you will be providing a welcome haven for frogs, dragonflies, and water insects. While their presence may mean that you will need to clean your water feature more regularly, you and your family will be able to experience the thrills of nature-watching in your own garden, even if it’s in an urban setting. 

Natural Source of Moisture and Cooling

During hot or dry spells, your plants can suffer from high temperatures and insufficient hydration. While watering your plants will allow them to survive, you may find that their flowers wither or dry up as buds instead of making it to full bloom. By installing a water feature in your garden, you can provide the aerial moisture your flowers need to blossom. Think about how your florist mists flowers to keep them fresh and preserve their beauty; your fountain will essentially be doing the same. In addition, the running water from fountains or ponds with circulation pumps can cool down your garden in the summer, protecting it from the otherwise scorching heat. Even in the hottest weather, your fountain will make your garden a more pleasant place for your plants to grow and for you to enjoy them.  

Creates a Natural Habitat for Fish

Unlike a fish tank, a garden pond has sufficient space for large fish, such as carp or koi, which have long been considered symbols of prosperity and longevity. You can also feed koi directly from you hand, making them endearing pets. If you have a smaller size pond, you can still enjoy the flashy glow of goldfish, who will learn to swarm to you whenever you approach to feed them. In addition, pond fish encourage the growth of pond plants, helping your garden pond to become a truly eye-catching piece de resistance.

Pond Plants are Beautiful and Affordable

If you’ve ever sighed over Monet’s paintings of ponds filled with water lilies or photographs of lavish pond gardens in Southeast Asia, you’ll be happy to know that they’re cheap and easy to maintain. All you need to do is add plant food to your pond and make sure your plants get sufficient sunlight. If you prefer a more nautical theme, you can introduce seaweed or small sea corals that you can gather during trips to the beach to give your garden pond a more colorful flair.

Creates an Aura of Serenity and Draws you Outdoors

If you’ve poured a lot of effort into your garden, it’s only right that you should enjoy the fruits of your labor. However, there may be times when you become so busy that you completely forget about the garden you worked so hard to cultivate. But don’t worry: even in times of stress, the steady rippling of your outdoor water feature will lure you outdoors, coaxing you to take a minute to breathe in the scent from the fruit and flowers you take such pride in. The experts at Serenity Health and Home Decor agree that flowing water is innately soothing to the human psyche; by introducing it into your garden, you’ll be able to take a deep breath of fresh air and enjoy the beauty around you before you return indoors. 

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