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One of the most ornate and classic ways to improve the decorative appeal of your home is by installing high-quality indoor water fountains. They will make both an interesting conversation piece for guests and a beautiful center piece of a living room, dining room, or bedroom. Owners of spas, restaurants, or office buildings can also use indoor water fountains to create a pleasant atmosphere for their clients, and it is often possible to outfit these fountains with your business logo to make it double as a promotional tool.

Benefits of Indoor Water Fountains:

Beautification of Your Premises

The aesthetic appeal of an artistically designed water fountain adds much to your home decor and blends in well with many interior decorating schemes.

Increased Property Value

Many indoor water fountains take skilled labor to install properly and immediately increase your home’s market value. If you plan on relocating to a new home someday, the presence of a fountain in your old home will be a major selling point.

Soothing Water Sounds

The sound of gently moving water can be therapeutic. Pouring, churning, gurgling, and steadily flowing water is enjoyable and relaxing to listen to and also serves to drown out undesirable background noise.

Improved Air Quality

Indoor air quality is improved by fountains in two ways: the fountain acts as a humidifier that benefits both people and plants, and the fountain water naturally purifies the air of dust and harmful negative ions.

Types of Indoor Water Fountains:

On an individual level, fountains are incredibly diverse and unique. However, there are three main classifications that nearly every indoor fountain will fall into:

1) Tabletop Fountains

These are relatively compact and portable fountains that come in a wide variety of shapes and artistic designs. They are less expensive than wall and floor fountains and can fit on tabletops, counter tops, and other space-limited locations. Many of them contain mini waterfalls and LED lights. Bamboo, driftwood, ceramic bowls, clay jars, and towering stacks of smooth, colorful stones are often incorporated into the design. Other common features include: step-by-step, downward water movements, candle arrangements, and carvings of animals, angels, and people. 

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2) Wall Fountains

These, the most expensive of all indoor fountains, offer much to merit the increased investment. Wall fountains are flat-backed and mounted into the structure of the supporting wall, and they come in three main framing patterns: upright rectangle, horizontal rectangle, and square. They are often as large as 12 feet across, and water continually cascades down the surface, which is typically made of copper, aluminum, stone, wood, mosaic tiles, or glass. The wide wall of constantly flowing water is used, in many models, to imitate the look of waterfalls and rivers. Common design features for wall fountains include: 

  • Nature scenes, such as forests, single trees, birds and butterflies, fish and ocean life, contoured canyons and ridges, and panoramic landscapes.
  • Abstract, modern, or impressionistic art arrangements. These are frequently painted in bold, bright colors with strong contrasts. On occasion, you will even see specific paintings, like Monet’s Water Lillies, replicated.
  • Galactic scenes, which combine swirling balls of fire and light with intensely dark backgrounds to mimic stars, planets, and comets in the depths of space.
  • Cultural displays, often of Japanese, Chinese, or Amerindian origin. Sometimes, a specific geographic location in these lands will even be represented.
  • Cityscapes of major metro zones like New York or Chicago, which depict individual, real-life skyscrapers and landmarks.
  • Sets of two, three, or more matching wall fountains.
  • Photo fountains that allow you to customize the scene based on personal photographs.

3) Floor Fountains

These are free-standing fountains that need no installation, but in other respects, are often quite similar to wall fountains. They also send water cascading over a large, rectangular surface and use the same materials as wall fountains, such as copper, stone, and glass mirrors. However, some floor fountains are three-dimensional instead of backed up against a wall and can act as center-of-room displays. This variety of floor fountain will be much like many outdoor fountains, with a pedestal, catch basin, tower, and figurines of lions, angels, or men. One very unique type of wall fountain, however, is the bubble chamber variety, which often includes dazzling lighting along with a stream of bubbles.

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How to Select Your Indoor Fountain?

Given the huge selection of indoor water fountains available today, the shopper must be ready to pick out the perfect fountain based on specific criteria, such as the following:

  • There is adequate space for the fountain in my house, and it will not look overwhelmingly large nor inappropriately small in the room I have chosen for it.
  • A floor or tabletop fountain will not create a problem with pets or small children drinking from it.
  • The fountain will complement existing decorative features in the room, such as stonework or copper accents, or I will redecorate the room to fit the fountain’s style.
  • I have found a fountain with all the high-tech equipment I desire, such as in-water lighting, water purification enhancements, self-cleaning ability, and jet-propelled, or water-pressure controls.

Where to Buy the Best Indoor Fountains?

While many home improvement outlets and local retailers will carry a small number of lower quality indoor fountains, shopping online opens up a wide range of choices and easy access to top-tier workmanship., for example, has a huge stock of ready-made, hand-made, and custom-made options at competitive prices. Having the ability to peruse a vast and diverse selection of indoor fountains from the comfort of your own home allows you to research your options and choose the fountain that best fits your needs without any travel expenses or time-consuming window shopping trips.
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