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Artistic Rain Shower: A Symphony of Drops

The Artistic Rain Shower fountain, a dramatic and modern outdoor water feature designed for gardens and patios, captures the essence of rainfall in a sculptural form. This innovative water feature stands as a testament to the fusion of art and nature, offering a serene and visually stunning centerpiece for any outdoor or indoor space.

Concept and Inspiration

The concept behind the Artistic Rain Shower is simple yet profound: to bring the soothing ambiance of natural rainfall into personal and shared spaces. Drawing inspiration from the rhythmic pattern of falling rain, this fountain has been meticulously designed to replicate the serene atmosphere that a gentle rain shower brings to the natural world.

Design and Customization

Measuring an impressive 90” in diameter and 96” tall, the Artistic Rain Shower boasts a substantial presence with its circular basin of 96” x 12”. Crafted from durable materials, it offers various finishes, including Black Slate Copper, Corten Steel, and Stainless Steel, with options for additional customization like powder coat paint for both the basin and above-ground fixture​​. This allows for a personalized touch to match any design aesthetic or environmental setting.

Installation and Features

The Artistic Rain Shower is not just about aesthetics; it is also about creating a captivating sensory experience. The fountain’s structure, featuring a 5-foot diameter upper circle supported by a curved stem, ensures a dramatic display of rainwater showering down in a ring, mimicking the natural rain. Designed for ease of installation, it comes with a 6ft diameter stainless basin intended for underground placement, complete with a pump and auto-fill device, offering a plug-and-play setup​​.

Sustainability and Technology

In an era where sustainability is paramount, the Artistic Rain Shower aligns with eco-friendly practices through options like solar power integration and the use of recycled materials for construction. Advanced nozzle and sprinkler technologies ensure water conservation without compromising the fountain’s visual or auditory appeal​​.

Warranty and Support

Understanding the importance of reliability and customer support, the Artistic Rain Shower includes a 1-year Manufacturer’s Warranty on fountain pumps against defects. The commitment to quality ensures that any issues arising are promptly addressed, guaranteeing the fountain’s longevity and performance​​.


The Artistic Rain Shower fountain embodies the beauty of rain in a form that can be enjoyed day and night, season after season. It stands as a bold statement piece that merges the calming qualities of water with cutting-edge design and technology. Whether it’s placed in a garden, courtyard, or indoor space, the Artistic Rain Shower enriches its surroundings with a mesmerizing display of water and light, creating a tranquil oasis where one can relax and rejuvenate.

For those interested in bringing the Artistic Rain Shower into their space, further details on customization, installation, and maintenance can be found by reaching out directly to This fountain is not just a piece of outdoor art; it’s a sustainable investment in creating a serene and inviting atmosphere in any setting.


Yes, the Artistic Rain Shower is versatile and can be installed in various outdoor spaces, including gardens, patios, and courtyards. It’s designed for both residential and commercial settings, ensuring a perfect fit for any environment.
The fountain offers a range of customization options, including different materials like Black Slate Copper, Corten Steel, and Stainless Steel. Additional customizations include various finishes and the option for powder coat paint for an added personalized touch.
Yes, the fountain can be equipped with eco-friendly features such as solar power integration and utilizes water-saving technologies. It’s designed with sustainability in mind, using advanced nozzle and sprinkler technologies to conserve water.
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