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Giverny Triptic Wall Fountains

Give your home or office the look of a Monet for a much more affordable price tag. The glamorous Giverny Triptic Wall Fountains collection brings to mind the classic “Water Lilies” motif that made Monet a household name. Now, you too can appreciate the look of fine art with this wondrous painted water fountain. In addition to featuring a show stopper work of art on your walls, this piece is also a fully functional water fountain. Envision the beauty of water colors in a brilliant blue and purple backdrop. Notice how the bright pink water lilies truly pop from the background, while muted green lily pads add the break in the color scheme. As the water washes over the Lexan panels, creating the illusion of a running brook, your senses will become calmed and soothed. Thanks to the specially painted backs of clear acrylic panels, the water never actually touches the beautiful water painting. This hand-painted work of art is sealed by a frame of copper paneling that brings the entire look together. Display this trio of panels in your bedroom or bath to improve the relaxing atmosphere. Size 27”W x 48”H per panel, weighs 35 lbs. each without water Comes with mechanical water pump Includes a 2-year warranty for water pump Built in the USA Pending availability, ships in 4 to 6 weeks Hardware for easy assembly included Can be customized according to size Free shipping and discounts do no apply for this custom item. Shipping cost in drop down menus.

Giverny Wall Fountain

The Giverny Wall Fountain is a tribute to Monet. The water fountain is instantly transformed into wall art, providing you with a dual purpose once it is hung. A stream is bright blue with swirls to add motion and lily pads add a little bit of fun to the image. The copper frame includes Lexan, which is what is used to keep the water separate from the image. It’s durable enough to last you for many years to come, making it a wise investment to enhance the aesthetics of your home or office. The wall fountain can hang freely on the wall and all of the water collects in the copper basin and circulates back up behind the scenes. Order your fountain online or by phone today! Custom sizes availble.

Glass Curtains Stained Wall Fountain

Have you been searching for just the right combination of artistic value and tranquil interest for your living spaces? Then the Glass Curtains Stained Wall Fountain by Harvey Gallery is exactly what you have been hoping to find. Back lighting brings the fire-like beauty of stained glass to life, while the sight and sound of the water adds tranquility and a calming energy to your home, business or office. Hand-crafted by skilled artisans, this uniquely beautiful water feature is perfect as a focal point in entry ways, hallways and living areas or as spell-binding conversation piece that will delight customer and clients when they visit your office or business. Big and beautiful, the Glass Curtains Stained Wall Fountain by Harvey Gallery shown measures 48″ wide by 32″ high, with custom sizes also available. Proudly made in the U.S.A, this wall fountain is easy to assemble and install and arrives with all necessary parts, hardware and instructions. Allow 4-6 weeks for shipment. No Sales Tax, except in TX.

Golden Oak Custom Wall Fountain

Adding a gorgeous oak tree to your living room or office may not be a possibility. Luckily, you can still get the charm of an oak tree through this Golden Oak wall fountain. The unique copper color adds a touch of regality to the art and will hang on the wall for a relaxing sound as the water trickles down. Each piece is custom made, making it a one-of-a-kind piece of art for you to enjoy for years to come. The oak is formed by hammering the copper from the back and then lily pads are added to providing a finished appearance. The basin of the fountain can rest on the floor while the copper panel secures to the wall. It’s a fantastic option, even when there are kids and pets around. It can be customized to fit any wall surface and will be the point of serenity and beauty that all will gather around. Dimensions:  6ft wide x 8ft tall!  Can be done in any size. Call for quote. 1 year pump warranty Ships within 4-6 weeks Easy to set up Made in USA Order online today or call toll free

Goldfish Wall Fountain

These goldfish are so lifelike, they look like they could swim right out of the fountain. The copper framed wall fountain is luxurious in every way. The vibrant colors of the fish help to grab everyone’s attention. The serenity then fills the room as the sound of water cascading down the Lexan is heard. A copper basin is found at the bottom, collecting water and sending it back to the top. Everything’s fishy about this wall fountain and it makes for a beautiful addition to your home or office. The goldfish could be the pets you never have to take care of, so introduce them to your place today! Custom options include size lighting. Made in USA Includes all parts for assembly Order yours online or call for a custom quote!

Grand Scale Canyon Wall Fountain

This artistic golden beauty will leave you speechless as the water trickles down the eternally glowing beauty of copper. The Grand Scale Canyon Wall Fountain allows you to have your own piece of a canyon in your home that will change to reflect the lighting in your home throughout the day. The water continually trickles over the surface, creating an entrancing beauty that is completely affordable. As is, this wall fountain is a generously sized 6 ft x 6 ft, but can be customized to create a smaller or larger fountain to compliment any space. Each detail comes to life as it is washed with cool water over and over again. A simply gorgeously unique piece- a must have for your home or office. CUSTOM sizes available Ships within 4-6 weeks (please call for inventory) Includes recirculating water pump and tubing 1 year warranty on mechanical parts No sales tax (except Tx) Made in the USA Order online or call us today


This copper wall fountain is extremely colorful and some people say there’s a happy face smiling at you through all of the abstract art. Perhaps that’s why the artist named this piece “Happy”. You may feel a smile tugging on your mouth once you look at the hues of blue and pink and gold as well. The water flows down the front of the image, across Lexan, to avoid the paint being affected. The water collects in the copper basin and works its way back up to start all over again. You won’t want to miss out on your chance to be happy with this wall fountain that can go in the home or an office. Pump and hardware included Custom sizes are available Ships in 4-6 weeks depending on inventory levels

Happy Fish Wall Fountain

You can use the Happy Fish wall fountain to decorate the room of your choosing. Some people hang it in a child’s room while others have been known to hang it in a seafood restaurant. Each to their own! There’s a hook at the top and the fish are swimming by it, oblivious to the fact they may become dinner very soon. The art takes on a higher level with the introduction of the fountain. Lexan is used for the water to flow down and the copper basin collects the water and sends it back up to the top. Made in the USA Includes pump and all parts for installation Options for personalization include lighting, custom sizes Order yours online today!

High Tide Wall Fountain

A sunrise on the Pacific Coast is gorgeous all on its own. What makes this piece of art so unique is that it’s also a water fountain. The water cascades down the image to create a soft lullaby that will get rid of any stress. The tranquil scene with the sounds can easily put you into a Zen moment and that was the artist’s intention. Such a design can add style and grace to a living room, bedroom, office, or even storefront. It’s just what you need to improve the aesthetics of a room and everyone will be talking about it. Copper frame adds quality and durability for you to enjoy for many years to come. Made in USA Order your stunning fountain today. Custom Sizes available. Call for quote.


Price: $1,700.00
In a country as colorful as India, there is probably no time or place as colorful as Holi- their celebration of Spring, of Color, and of Love. The participants gather together in white robes and throw powdered colors at one another until everyone and everything around them is a riot of color. This fountain tries to capture the sheer exuberance of the moment. The colors here sing, and bring a joyful and passionate energy to where ever this is hung. This piece is 48" tall, 34" wide, and 6" deep. It comes with a pump and all the mounting hardware required to install it. An LED light hood is available upon request. Custom Sizes available. Call for quote. Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.  

I Target Surreal Horizontal

This I Target Surreal horizontal fountain features bold coloring and a bit of extra routering for an eye-popping look that is destined to impress. Water delicately spills down a beautiful polycarbonate panel for a soft, mesmerizing sound. The artistic design on this piece depicts a large abstract circular target in hues of blue, red, gold, and purple. This fountain is stabilized by a sturdy metal frame and would be a treat in any home or office space. 48in tall x 28in wide.

In the Spotlight

This is an abstract piece of art that is also a fountain, making it that much more exciting to own. You never have to settle for “just a piece of art” ever again. The bright colors that make up “In the Spotlight” are part of the artist’s “Lost Fountains” series, which includes two others. Everyone sees something different upon gazing into the bright colors and what your imagination creates can be your reason for purchasing it. The sound of the water sliding down the art and into the copper basin can be soothing and help you to relax each day. Hang it in the office, the home, or anywhere else you want to look at art. Made in the USA Call or order online now!

In Your Wildest Dreams Stained Wall Fountain

“Wow” is the first thing that usually enters one’s mind once they gaze upon the “In Your Wildest Dreams” Stained Wall Fountain. As one of the Stained Galaxy Fountain series from, this fountain uses all of the skill and artistry that our designers could muster and put into one water fountain. With purple, gold, blue and black colors swirling around in unique patterns, this fountain is a wonder to behold. Combined with the sounds of soothing water, you can have an aesthetic element as well as something designed to refresh your soul like a cool summer breeze or a cold drink of water after coming in from a hot day. We make each and every fountain to fit the customer, so you will have something that is your very own and not a cookie-cutter fountain. Visit with us today and get this stunning water fountain in your home today! Dimensions: 28" W X 48" H NO SALES TAX! (Except TX.) Ships within 4-6 weeks (call for current inventory.) Easy to setup and all necessary hardware included. CUSTOM SIZES AVAILABLE Order online or call Toll-Free Made in the USA!

Industrial Metal Art Fountain

Industrial Metal Art Fountain $7500 Price shown is for 10ft tall x 5ft wide. Can be hung on wall, or set on floor against a wall. This artwork/fountain is created with riveted copper and aluminum to give Industrial look/feel. Copper can be different shades up to dark, rich brown. 10ft tall x 4ft wide would be $6000. Can be done in any size! Can add light hood as shown in drop down menus. Light hood is copper and part of frame. Call for shipping quote on this custom item.

Jamaica Farewell Wall Fountain

For those looking for a wild, exotic wall fountain, the Jamaica Farewell Wall Fountain is an excellent choice. It celebrates music and life, and is full of vibrant color and bold design. At 48 inches wide and 28 inches tall, it is a creative piece that will get noticed wherever it is located. Both residential and commercial applications can be perfect for this fountain. Custom sizes are available for this fountain, which generally ships within 4-6 weeks. It’s made in the USA, and can provide that island feel that adds to the value and livability of a porch, deck, or other outdoor living space. It can also be mounted in an indoor location, where it can be enjoyed any time of the year.

Jammin in Havana Copper Wall Fountain

You can hear the blues and all sorts of other jammin music when you look at this art. The browns, blacks, and rich colors in the background paint the story of musicians having a good ol’ time playing some music. According to the artist, it takes place in Havana and because of the impressionist style, we will have to take his word for it. This is the kind of art that can add a lot of personality to wherever it hangs, in an office or in the home. The copper design adds to the luxury of the piece and the sound of the water can be soothing. Custom sizes are also available Made in the USA Easy to set up Call today or place your order online to enjoy your own Jammin in Havana wall fountain!

Japanese Bridge Wall Fountain

This wall fountain is the perfect choice for people who love Japan or Japanese culture. It can also be an excellent selection for people who like nature, bridges, or soothing pictures in general. The dense jungle of leaves is soothing and inviting, and the bridge looks like a wonderful place to stand and simply appreciate the beauty of nature. With such a cozy look, the image in the picture evokes many tranquil feelings. That’s something hard to find in a world that’s so fast-paced, and the sound of the water only adds to the soothing nature of the picture. At 60 inches wide by 36 inches high, the fountain is big enough to get noticed but it won’t take over a room. Custom Sizes Available. Call for quote.

Japanese Maple Tree- Fountain Only

ABCF400 - Copper Tree - Japanese Maple Copper Fountain Trees bring together art, metal, & water exactly where they your home. Hand made by our designer in the most tranquil place in the midst of the deep woodlands in England. Every single element of these sculpted fountains, including the leaves, are hand cut and hand made creating the most beautiful of fountains. No two pieces are exactly identical ensuring individuality and zest in all designs. • Tree measures 38" high, approximately 36" diameter • Includes Stainless Steel Mesh Pump Bag to prevent clogging The underground basin shown in gallery is 16" deep and 50"diameter. • Polished Pebbles not included, but are available - 200 lbs recommended Price for 200 lbs shown in drop down menu. Pebble Colors shown in gallery. *This Copper Fountain Tree includes a 175 dollars crating fee which is already included in the shipping cost. Basin and Pump set up shown in gallery. Price for kit in drop down menu *This Copper Fountain Tree includes a $175.00 crating fee which is included in the shipping cost.

Jeweled Navigator Wall Fountain

Searching for the jewel in the sky that will elevate your interior to out of this world amazing? Check out the dazzling Jeweled Navigator Wall Fountain. Display this treasure like a crown fit for royalty with a front and center view in your living room or den. Notice how the handcrafted glass orbs are precisely formed to the backside of this glorious fountain. As you light up the wall fountain, using hypnotic LED lighting that is included in the setup, the orbs come to life like diamonds glistening in a dark cave. As the water fountain is illuminated, the sounds of falling water add to the enchanting effect. Boost your mood with a flick of a switch thanks to this sparkling beauty. For a contemporary décor, the abstract design of the swirls and orbs create a vision that pleases the eye. Add the Jeweled Navigator Wall Fountain to your mod style to create a focal point that will titillate your senses. As designed by the amazing Harvey Gallery, this one of a kind creation is handcrafted by expert artisans. Your fountain is an original work of art that will be passed down to generation after generation. Pending availability, fountain ships in 4 to 6 weeks Includes hardware needed for quick installation Can be customized in size available. Call for quote Product is 100 percent USA made

Jewels of Barsoom Stained Wall Fountain

Edgar Rice Burroughs wrote a novel depicting the planet of Barsoom (Mars), the inspiration for this gorgeous wall fountain. Like a mystical scene from outer space, this one-of-a-kind work of art has been created with the highest quality materials for your viewing pleasure. It can be easily placed in any environment of your choosing. The multiple planet-like circles will mesmerize your senses as the water trickles down this piece peacefully. The Jewels of Barsoon Stained Wall Fountain is 28″W x 48″H, which is the perfect size for most decors. If you wish to have a customized Jewels of Barsoon Wall Fountain, contact us and we will gladly have a customized size created just for you. This high quality piece will provide you with years of enjoyment. You no longer have to choose between luxury and affordability, now you can have it all. CUSTOM sizes available Comes with all necessary mounting hardware Ships in 4-6 weeks (please call for current inventory) No sales tax (except Tx) Made in the USA

Katharos Sculpture Water Feature

Katharos is something you've probably never seen before- a combination of a sculpture and a water feature. Its white on white abstract panels and pieces give it an ultramodern appearance. Ordered with an optional LED light hood, you get a beautiful interplay of shadows that will have you seeing new things in this piece time and time again. While its dimensions are 48" tall, 22" wide, and 5" deep, we can make it to almost any size that you might need. It comes with a pump and all the hardware you'll need to hang it up.

Kimono Coins

This is one of the newest fountains that we are proud to offer. There are two different techniques used within creating the art. The discs that look like coins are actually created with a felting technique. A bar needle is also used to help a blend all of the fibers area. It helps the art pop off the screen – and this is only going to make your fountain look that much more impressive. Bright colors will add aesthetics to any room or office as well. The fountain features the sound of trickling water, which can put your nerves at ease. This is definitely one fountain that you will want to have in your home or business. All of the parts are packaged and installation is simple. Custom Sizes Available. Call for quote. Made in the USA

Knit One Abstract Wall Fountain

Any knitting fan is sure to fall in love with this abstract wall fountain. The coils are in the shape of a person with two knitting needles and a ball of yarn. The water travels down the length of the art and into the small copper reservoir at the bottom. It’s a fun and interpretative piece of art that can lend a soothing sound to any environment. Hang it in your home, your knitting store, or anywhere else where you want a tranquil setting. This is yet another winner from the Harvey Gallery, known for their abstract and low maintenance fountains. Optional lighting includes LED lighting as well as a light hood that goes above. Custom sizes available Made in USA Ships in 4-6 weeks following order Easy to set up Order yours today!  

Koi Wall Fountain

For those who love fish but don’t want to (or can’t) spend time caring for them, the Koi Wall Fountain is an excellent choice. Each koi fish is handmade, one at a time, so they look as realistic as possible. When the water is flowing over and around them, they look just like they are swimming peacefully. The soothing nature of fish and flowing water can provide a great opportunity for calm in nearly every setting. The fountain is approximately 28 inches wide by 48 inches high, and is only 6 inches deep. That makes it easy to mount on nearly any wall, for either business or residential use. The fountain requires very little maintenance, and provides the beauty desired in a great water feature.