Fountain Material Selection


Decorating for the holidays is something that a lot of people enjoy. In Houston, holiday decorations aren’t limited only the winter holiday season. Many Texans in our area enjoy decorating for any holiday or event that is occurring. The fountains at your home or business don’t have to be ignored when you are putting up holiday or event decor. Instead, you can make the fountain stand out! Consider these fun ideas for decorating your fountain for every event or holiday that you want to celebrate.


Add Lights

Adding lights to the fountain is simple and safe as long as proper safety measures are taken. First, you probably know that water and electricity don’t mix, so make sure that you aren’t a light that isn’t waterproof if you decide to put lights onto the fountain or anywhere that over spray occurs. If you are using lights that will come into contact with water, you must carefully inspect every component of the light so that you can be sure there aren’t any loose wires or cracks on housing that could allow water to come into contact with wiring or electricity. You have options for adding lighting if you don’t want to worry about electricity and water coming into contact with each other. Floating lights are a great option. These lights are solar-powered or battery-operated, so you won’t have to worry about plugging them in. Still, be sure they are in good condition prior to placing them in the fountain. Another option is to use spotlights in the fountain. Since these lights can be placed far from the fountain, you won’t have to worry about contact with water. Plus, most landscaping spotlights are able to withstand surface water like rain water. Solar lights are an ideal option for this application since you don’t need to have the lights wired and can place them where it suits your needs. 

Use Event Specific Déc0r

You can add little touches to the fountain that are event specific. If you are having an adult-only event, you can place colorful mixed drinks in festive cups. A child’s event could include placing cups of frozen fruit punch near the fountain. The items you use to highlight the fountain don’t have to be placed on the fountain. Instead, you can place small tables near the fountain. For example, a decorator’s table and tropical tablecloth with a fruit display could be used for a summer birthday party.

Decorate with Ornaments

Adding ornaments or items to the fountain is also possible. Garland, leis, and similar decorations can be taped to the fountain as long as they use waterproof or surgical tape. When you want to add ornaments to a fountain, try attaching them ahead of time. The last think you want is for your entire display to be ready only to realize that the essential décor won’t stay attached to the fountain.

Use Plants and Flowers

Plants and flowers can instantly add a festive feel to the fountain space. You can use real or artificial, depending on the purpose of the display. If you choose artificial plants and flowers, make sure you choose ones that won’t be affected by humidity. If you choose real flowers and plants, make sure that you take the sunlight near your fountain into account so you choose plants that can thrive near the fountain. Potted plants, such as hens and chickens, can cover the ground space near the fountain for an Old West theme. Poinsettias are a great addition to a fountain that is the center of a winter holiday display. Bold flowers like bachelor buttons, zinnias, and other colorful options can be used for summer holiday displays. For example, blue bachelor buttons, white baby’s breath, and red tulips could be arranged to create a patriotic display for the Fourth of July, Veteran’s Day, or Memorial Day. 

Include Music

While it isn’t necessarily a way to liven up the fountain, including music with the décor can help to draw attention to the display. If you are adding the music right by the fountain, you can use a radio or speaker system that is made for use in the shower to provide music. Make sure that the music is in line with the festivities. For example, you could play the “Mardi Gras Mambo” for a Mardi Gras display or “Jingle Bells” for a winter holiday display. Think about the overall feel of the display and use the music to enhance the experience of those who are going to enjoy it. 

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