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How to Use Indoor Water Features and Accents to Boost Productivity in Your Home Office

Your business’ success depends largely on your productivity. When you are working from a home office, it is easy to let the happenings of the home carry over into your work time. It is crucial that you take the steps necessary to transform your work area into a space that is conducive to the work you do. One part of making sure that you have a productive work space includes creating a space that is relaxing and motivating. That might seem like something that is impossible to do, but it is actually easier than what you might think. Including indoor water features in your home office enables you to naturally de-stress and including motivational accents enables you to stay productive as you work toward your goal.

Choose the Indoor Water Features That Complement the Decor

Indoor water features come in three distinct styles. Choosing the right one for your space and your preferences is crucial. If you have a large home office, you could even incorporate more than one indoor water features into the space.

Wall-Mounted Indoor Fountain

Wall-mounted indoor water features are placed out of the way since they are on the wall. Even though these water features are on the wall, you can readily see them. You also have the entire wall around the fountain to turn the space into a motivational area.

Floor Indoor Fountain

A floor fountain is a great way to divide the home office into different spaces if your office is on the larger side. This type of fountain might require special wiring or plumbing to be done in order for the fountain to be installed properly.

Table-Top Indoor Fountain

Table-top indoor fountains are a great choice if you are renting your home or if you have other things on the walls of the home office. These also make a great focal point if you want a water feature close to your desk or on a surface that would otherwise be empty.

Consider Adding Greenery, Plants, or Flowers to the Space

Adding greenery, plants, or flowers to the area near the fountains is a great option because these natural elements can help to purify the air in the office. Oftentimes, plants, greenery, and flowers will flourish near a water feature, especially if the water feature is an open feature that has at least a little bit of off spray. If that is the case, you should be sure that you have a hard surface near the water feature. Using stands to place the potted plants on can help you to vary the heights of the plants. It also allows you to introduce color or other elements to the space since stands can come in a variety of colors. You can even add herbs and other edibles to the space. Mint, for example, would be a nice addition to the home office since you could pinch some off to add to your afternoon tea.

Incorporate Soft Lighting Options to Highlight the Area

Lighting can help to make your fountain even more appealing. If you choose to have natural elements, such as plants, natural light is a great lighting option. Soft lighting is a lovely addition if you want a space that exudes calmness in your home office. Wall-mounted lights and lamps are two of the lighting options you have. You can even add track lighting if you want to be able to change the lighting scheme in the room or if you plan to redecorate the room often.

Finalize the Design with a Dream Board or Motivational Items

A dream board or motivational board can help you remember why you are working so hard. You can frame pictures of your goals or include motivational sayings, photos, or memes that help you to regain your momentum when it starts to decline. The space that you have for the motivational items should be something that is easy to change. Bulletin boards, whiteboards, or photo frames are ideal options for this space. This makes it simple for you to update your goals or to change the motivational sayings often.


Keep the Water Features and Complementary Touches Clean

A clean home office is a happy work space. That doesn’t mean that you have to always have everything perfect, but you should make sure that the water feature and other touches nearby are clean. You don’t want to look up at your motivational area or dream board and see a layer of dust or grime. When you get your indoor water feature, make sure you hang onto the instructions so you know the proper cleaning method for the fountain. Cleaning the water feature according to the instructions helps to keep the water feature functioning properly so you can enjoy it for a long time to come. A quick dusting of the area around it can keep the other items clean.

Enjoy the Benefits of the More Friendly Workspace

Now that you have your area all fixed, you can enjoy the benefits of the workspace. These benefits include increased humidity in your home office, which is great for your skin. If you place motivational items or a dream board near your indoor water feature, the relaxing effect of the water feature coupled with the reminder of your goals can help you to stay more productive and focused as you get your work done. 


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