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“This is an amazing fountain. It is so impressive and Elegant. I would highly endorse this product and the Owner of this company. Bob is so personal and makes sure you have everything you need throughout the process. If you want a high quality product for the best price anywhere this is the place. If you want a $500.00 fountain from Lowe’s or Home depot that is what you will get. Our neighbors are impressed and our home stands out with this fountain as a focal point. I am so glad we decided to order from!!! Thank You again Bob for everything!!”

Tom and Leslie Slone


Where Can I Buy Indoor Water Fountains?

Indoor water fountains can be purchased right from our website at In fact, we have one of the largest inventories of indoor fountains available for sale on the Internet.

Over 25 years of experience
Custom products available
American made products
Wonderful customer service

Our current inventory features several hundred different fountains. All of these fountains come in various shapes, sizes, and designs. Our customers are able to find fountains that incorporate modern, contemporary designs. They are also able to find fountains that are creative and filled with personality.
One of the unique things about purchasing fountains through us is the ability to customize the product that you are purchasing. Many of our fountains come with a variety of features, such as LED lights, colored lights, water spouts, or different stone finishes, which allow you to personalize the product that you are purchasing. Visit our website to browse our current inventory of indoor fountains and water features.

  • What Features Should I Look for When Comparing Indoor Water Fountains?

    You will most likely be installing the water fountain in your home or office yourself. For this reason, you will want a fountain that is easy to install. Some fountains are so easy to install that all it requires is you to remove the fountain from the box, fill it with water, and plug it in.
    Maintenance is another factor to consider when looking at fountains. Try to find a fountain that is low maintenance. There are indoor fountains that are extremely easy to maintain. The only maintenance you need to do is to occasionally drain the water, wipe the fountain down, and fill it back up.
    Keeping these factors in mind will help you find the perfect fountain for your home or office. Visit our website at to start your comparison shopping for indoor fountains.

  • What Different Types of Indoor Water Fountains are Available?

    There are several different types of indoor water fountains that are available at We have wall fountains, floor fountains, and table top fountains. Each of these fountains are unique and can be used in a variety of places.
    For example, wall fountains are often used in offices and lobbies. Table top fountains can be placed on a desk in an office or on a table in a living room or sitting room.
    We have one of the largest inventories of indoor fountains online. We have hundreds of table top fountains, floor fountains, and wall fountains that are available at affordable prices. Visit our website at to browse our inventory of fountains and find something that is perfect for your home or office.

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