For those searching for that unique unforgettable item that will set their home or office décor apart, our artistic wall fountains are the best. Choose from many colorful distinctive designs to suit your taste and budget. Visit our online store and find just the

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12 foot Sorcery Wall Fountain

When you glance at this fountain you will be left speechless as you gaze at the pure talent that goes in to such a massive art piece. The sheer vast size is impressive on its own, but add the beautiful painted images to the mix and you have a truly inspired work of art to gaze upon. The 12 Foot Sorcery is safe for display in any indoor environment and will intrigue art lovers. The complete piece stands at an impressive 12 feet wide and 10 feet tall, making it easily the focal point for any room that it is placed. The image is painted on the backside of an optical Lexan. The Lexan is then completed by a pure natural copper frame that is then sealed to protect the image. The Lexan is an extremely durable, almost indestructible material while will preserve the image. The water flows over the sealed images, which gives this, already outstanding artwork, an added element of mystery. Dimensions: 12'W x 10'H Includes: Water pump, backlighting and signed copy of "A Passion for Metal." NO SALES TAX! (Except TX.) Easy to setup and all necessary hardware included. CUSTOM LOGOS and CUSTOM SIZES AVAILABLE Order online or call Toll-Free 1-855-4-FOUNTAINS today! Made in the USA! No discounts or free shipping on this custom item. Call or email for quote.


Whether you're looking for a room divider...or a fountain, we've got you covered. The configuration you see here is in fountain mode. The water trickles down the face of the artwork, is collected in the bottom reservoir...and then it starts all over again. This one is called Abraxas and one generation will understand this right off. For the rest of you, it's just really really cool... This unit is 8ft wide and 6ft tall. Custom sizes available upon request. No discounts or free shipping on this custom item. Call or email for quote.  

Amazing Corner Copper Floor Fountain

If there ever was a fountain piece that had it all, this would be it! Create a stunning focal point in your home or office with this Amazing Corner Copper floor fountain. This beautiful piece stands a whopping 6-feet tall and measures 36-inches wide. It is specifically designed for placement in the corner of a room to increase acoustics and minimize floor space. The 2 copper panels form a "V" shape inside the unit. You can add white down lites, see drop down menu. Custom Sizes available. We can build any size. Call for quote.

Amazonia Custom Wall Fountain

Beautiful waterfalls can be found all throughout the Amazon, but most people rarely get to see them. Now, they are no longer have to remain hidden. The Amazonia Custom Wall Fountain brings the beauty of a rushing, cascading waterfall indoors so anyone can experience it at any moment. This beautiful indoor wall fountain features a gorgeous painting that depicts a massive waterfall that is located in a hidden jungle alcove. The painting is done on a material known as Lexan, which is extremely durable and is built to last. Using this type of material will prevent the colors of the painting from fading and allow you to enjoy this wall fountain for a number of years. Just one glance at this wall fountain and it will feel like the waterfall is right in front of you. That is because of this fountain’s unique design. The water for the fountain gently flows over the Lexan, which gives it the look and appearance of a real waterfall. As shown: 4ft wide x 8ft tall. Can be done in any size! Call for quote. The dry weight of this feature is only 100 lbs, and is very easy to install! More product information: Pure copper framework Electric recirculating pump and hanging accessories are included 1 year warranty comes included on the pump Custom Sizes available. Call for quote. Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

Angel Fish Wall Fountain

For people who want something beautiful and abstract to hang on their wall, this fountain may be the perfect thing. It captures the whimsy of fish without the need for a fish tank, and it’s a soothing, relaxing way to spend some time. Measuring 28 inches wide by 48 inches tall, it will get noticed, and it’s easy to make it the focal point of the room. Both commercial and residential spaces can benefit from the beauty and tranquility of this fountain. Anyone who likes fish or who enjoys the beauty of Mother Nature and the outdoors can appreciate all this fountain has to offer. It’s easy to clean and take care of, so maintenance requirements are small, and the majority of time can be spent just enjoying it. Custom Sizes available. Call for quote. Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. Free shipping and discounts do not apply on this custom item. See drop down menu for freight cost.

Archimedes Window Wall Fountain

The detailed artistry in the creation of the Archimedes Window Wall Fountain is apparent from first glance through scrutiny. Handmade with cast metal, copper and optical Lexan, this luxury art is both unique and affordable for nearly any budget. The colors highlight the vibrancy of the art, while the soothing water that flows down behind the castings and over the Lexan peacefully enhances even the smallest of artistic details. The delicate trickling sounds created by the water create a peaceful environment suitable for both home and office environments. This wall fountain is truly a symbol of luxury and sophistication that makes for an excellent room focal point and a great conversation piece. Mesmerizing and absolutely gorgeous, the Archimedes Window Wall Fountain will easily match most decors. CUSTOM logos and sizes available Fast and easy to install, all hardware is included Usually ships within 4-6 weeks (call for inventory, please) No sales tax (except Texas) Order online or call us today Made in the USA    

At the Carnival

Some of my earliest, most vivid memories as a kid were the summer carnivals near our house. There was a sense of magic in the air. Everywhere you looked there were lights and sounds, motion and a sense of wonder all around you. This fountain tries to recreate those earliest memories with a mix of realism and abstraction. This is 36” tall, 48” wide, and 6” deep. An LED light hood is available with this. Custom Sizes available. Call for quote. Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

Athens Copper Wall Fountain

The shimmering, gentle folds of this wall fountain look like they came right out of ancient Greek architecture, but with a modern feel that goes with nearly any type of decor. There’s no splash to the gently flowing water, and the fountain can be hung just about anywhere. Make it a focal point, or use it for understated elegance. Both options can work well, depending on its location. At 48 inches tall and 28 inches wide, the fountain is an excellent choice for both business and residential applications. Custom sizes and custom logos are also available, if the fountain needs to fit a particular space as part of a specific aesthetic. The fountain is easy to clean and care for, and the soothing sound of falling water makes it easy to relax. Custom Sizes available. Call for quote. Allow 4- 6 weeks for delivery.

autumn twilight wall fountain

The harvest moon and old farmhouse are on display in this lovely picture, along with birds and the beautiful and mighty tree taking up much of the foreground. The fountain measures 28 inches wide by 48 inches tall, making it large enough to be used as a focal point, but small enough to be understated. No matter whether the fountain is used in a home or a business, it offers relaxation and tranquility in the peaceful picture and soft sounds of gently flowing water. Years of joy can be had with this fountain, and the peaceful scene it represents. For anyone who loves crisp, moonlit nights and natural beauty, the fountain will be a welcome addition to the home or the office. Custom Sizes available. Call for quote. Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.