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Tropical Sunrise Wall Fountain

At four feet wide and four feet tall, this beautiful wall fountain is a wonderful conversation piece for any home or office. It can be used as a lovely focal point, or it can be a part of the understated elegance of that particular room. Whether the beach has a special meaning, or the look of the painting is just the right one for the decor, the fountain can work wonders in nearly any location. The warmth and tranquility of the fountain shines through, and the soft sound of gently trickling water is soothing and relaxing. Whether the fountain is for a home office, a living room, or a business, it’s sure to get noticed and appreciated.  

Water Shrine Extra Large

Water Shrine Extra Large. Creative artistic water feature. 4ft tall This item does not have free shipping. Discounts do not apply to this item.

Water Trellis

Water Trellis The Water Trellis is another really great fountain. Aside from representing male Yang energy, it gains its grace from simplicity. Children especially enjoy this fountain as the water zig-zags back and forth making its way to the basin. Parents also love this fountain because it is the best value for the dollar, giving you a 4-foot high statuesque fountain. This fountain also has a sweet delicate sound similar to the Tree of Life. The Water Trellis is an ideal fountain for city dwellers because it takes up more height than floor space. Sizes with prices below. Add on cost for each in drop down menu. 4'= $3490( square basin add $100) 5'= $4000 ( square basin add $150) 6'= $4750 ( square basin add $200) 7.5'= $5750( square basin add $300) Images: #1 in gallery shows 4ft tall #2 in gallery shows 5ft tall #3 in gallery shows 6ft tall This item does not have free shipping. Discounts do not apply to this item. Video shows our test video for the 6ft version.