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Teton Falls Wall Fountain

We’re proud to introduce the largest horizontal water feature we have to offer. The Teton Falls is massive at 45” tall and 61” wide. The reflective mirror is breathtaking and there’s accent lighting that shines from overhead. It’s the ultimate way to create signage for your business as personalization allows you to add your logo across the center of the fountain. Various finishes are available, including stainless steel or rustic or blackened copper. This allows you to choose a color that works well with your logo and décor. You can also customize further with rounded or square edges. Your office space will look considerably more professional and the sound of water dripping down will put everyone at ease. The basin at the bottom has a stunning collection of river rock, too, for an even more appealing look. Weight varies from 175 to 200 pounds without water Made in the USA All hardware included, including installation DVD, hardware, lights and bulbs, and river rock pebbles 1 year limited warranty Easy to set up and hang on the wall Order this amazing fountain for your business today!

Three Suns Stained Wall Fountain

Envision a morning in which you partake of your favorite cup of Earl Gray while digesting the mystic beautify of your new Three Suns Stained Wall Fountain. Perfect for creating an abstract feel in a home, this water fountain is fantastic voyage into the world of contemporary works of art. In addition to having a beauty to behold in this fab piece, the water fountain aspect adds an enticing piece to the puzzle. Are you tired of featuring shabbily made, mass fabricated pieces of décor to your interior design? Forget the meek and mild, and go for glory with this outstandingly designed wall fountain. Created with passion by skilled artisans in the USA, this handcrafted piece of artwork will stand out from any crowd. Designed on an individual basis, you can ensure that no two of the Three Suns Stained Wall Fountain are exactly like another. Another glorious feature of this handiwork is that you are guaranteed to receive a wall fountain that is built to last a lifetime. Think of this as just one of the memorable works of art that you’ll pass down through the generations. Invest in your happiness by adding this wall fountain, of the series perfectly titled the Galaxy Fountains, to your bedroom or living room. Ships in 2 to 4 weeks pending current availability Hardware is included for easy setup Can be customized by size USA made    

Tuscan Vase Wall Fountain

Whisk yourself away to Italy and enjoy the Tuscan vase that you see before you. No airline tickets are involved because you can enjoy them in the form of a wall fountain. The gorgeous design is painted and then tucked behind acrylic and then enclosed within a copper frame. It’s a classic addition to be added to any home or office. When you want a piece of art that gathers people around, this is it. It’s also got the sound of water falling, adding a feeling of serenity to the room. Order your stunning fountain today and watch how it transforms your room instantly. Order your copper fountain today by calling us toll free or adding it to your shopping cart online!    

Twilight in Ocho Rios Wall Fountain

In Ocho Rios, the twilight can be magical. It is a time to get together with friends and family, to dance and celebrate life. This fountain represents the best of that, and allows for excitement as well as relaxation. It measures 28 inches tall and 48 inches wide, so it can be hung nearly anywhere. Make it the focal point of a room, or use it in a more understated way. There are plenty of options with this lovely piece. The fountain is easy to clean, and can be purchased with custom logos and in custom sizes. The soothing sound of flowing water can provide tranquility and peace for hours. It’s perfect for relaxing after a long day or adding to the atmosphere when spending time with family and friends.    

Unwind Abstract Wall Fountain

The moment you lay eyes on this fountain, you will want to strike a yoga position and utter the sound “Ohmmm”. It is the ideal fountain for yoga studios, holistic wellness practitioners, and Zen fans alike. The abstract design resembles a yoga pose of relaxation and with the sound of the trickling water, it will ease you into a state of relaxation even without striking such a pose on your own. It’s the ultimate tool for destressing and it is art for your wall, too. Different color schemes are available for the wall fountain, allowing you to coordinate with the décor of your home or studio. Artists have taken creativity to a new level using coils and water for an amazing design and soothing sound. Harvey Gallery has outdone themselves and you can take advantage of the quality fountain. Choose custom sizes and logos Ships within 2-4 weeks Easy to set up and includes all necessary hardware Made in the USA Call and order yours today or simply place the order online for your convenience!    

Vineyard in June Wall Fountain

This wall fountain measures 48 inches tall and 28 inches wide, making it a great choice for commercial and residential applications. With artwork by Monet and the softness of flowing water, the fountain offers value in two different ways. Those who appreciate art and have a love for vineyards or Italy will appreciate the look and feel of the painting. Lovers of fountains can appreciate the sound of the water. The look and feel of this fountain make it easy to relax around it, no matter where it’s located. It can be used as an excellent focal piece, or be placed in a more understated location where it acquires more of a background theme. Either way, it’s a lovely choice for anywhere.    

Whispering Creek Wall Fountain

The Whispering Creek wall fountain is vertical and offers a stunning stone finish with options for a silver or bronze mirror. There are three lights to provide a gorgeous illumination and combined with the sound of water is the source for a lot of tranquility. The neutral colors can go anywhere, making it easy to integrate into a home or office. All of the water flows into the basin, which is filled with polished river rocks for that extra aesthetic. It can be the best way to welcome people into your home or business and will get people talking about the overall personality of the space. 1 year limited warranty included Easy set up All hardware included Made in the USA Call today or order online at your convenience!

Willow Wisp Wall Fountain

This copper fountain is 40 inches tall and 28 inches wide, and is created in an Old World style that is sure to work with nearly any decor. Many people use this fountain on their back patio, while others choose to place it in the entryway to their home. The gently flowing water is melodious and peaceful, giving you plenty of relaxation. The fountain is easy to operate and maintain, and the size is perfect for many different types of homes and locations. With a rich, copper color and graceful design, the elegance of this fountain is easy to see and appreciate. With a weight of 60kg (132 lbs), the fountain must be mounted securely for safety, and can add beauty to a home for years to come. Custom sizes available. Call for quote. Allow 4- 6 weeks for delivery. Free shipping does not apply to this custom item, see drop down menus.

Zen Fountain 96 in X 30 in

This gorgeous Zen fountain can put you in a trance in no time. Not only does it use vibrant copper to create a metallic look, but the trickling of water down the rough edges makes a beautiful sound. You will feel the stress melt away from your body and it will be hard for you to walk away because of the serenity that emanates from this masterpiece. This fountain will sit directly on the floor and plug into the nearest outlet. All of the different colors within the design has been created by an acid wash across the copper, creating a unique chemical reaction. Custom sizes available. Call for quote. Allow 4- 6 weeks for delivery. Pump and all parts are included Made in the USA Order your fountain online or by calling our toll-free number!