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Inspiration Falls Wall Fountain

Among our best-selling vertical water fountains, the Inspiration Falls Wall Fountain, part of the Inspiration collection, features authentic slate or authentic marble as a backdrop over which water cascades gently and gracefully. Available in one of three finishes — Blackened Copper, Rustic Copper and Stainless Steel — the Inspiration Falls Wall Fountain can be created with either straight or rounded edges. You may also choose from four different natural materials, including Natural Slate, Feather Stone, Glass and Authentic Marble. Depending on the material used in its construction, the Inspiration Falls Wall Fountain weighs between 100 and 255 pounds, without water. The fountain also comes with an EZ installation DVD as well as printed instructions, halogen lighting and bulbs and polished river rock pebbles. This fountain can also be created using your own custom logo. A one-year limited warranty is included. Standing at 30 inches wide by 69 inches tall by six inches deep, this elegant and stately wall fountain is sure to please guests and clients for years to come!

Jamaica Farewell Wall Fountain

For those looking for a wild, exotic wall fountain, the Jamaica Farewell Wall Fountain is an excellent choice. It celebrates music and life, and is full of vibrant color and bold design. At 48 inches wide and 28 inches tall, it is a creative piece that will get noticed wherever it is located. Both residential and commercial applications can be perfect for this fountain. Custom sizes are available for this fountain, which generally ships within 4-6 weeks. It’s made in the USA, and can provide that island feel that adds to the value and livability of a porch, deck, or other outdoor living space. It can also be mounted in an indoor location, where it can be enjoyed any time of the year.

Jammin in Havana Copper Wall Fountain

You can hear the blues and all sorts of other jammin music when you look at this art. The browns, blacks, and rich colors in the background paint the story of musicians having a good ol’ time playing some music. According to the artist, it takes place in Havana and because of the impressionist style, we will have to take his word for it. This is the kind of art that can add a lot of personality to wherever it hangs, in an office or in the home. The copper design adds to the luxury of the piece and the sound of the water can be soothing. Custom sizes are also available Made in the USA Easy to set up Call today or place your order online to enjoy your own Jammin in Havana wall fountain!

Japanese Bridge Wall Fountain

This wall fountain is the perfect choice for people who love Japan or Japanese culture. It can also be an excellent selection for people who like nature, bridges, or soothing pictures in general. The dense jungle of leaves is soothing and inviting, and the bridge looks like a wonderful place to stand and simply appreciate the beauty of nature. With such a cozy look, the image in the picture evokes many tranquil feelings. That’s something hard to find in a world that’s so fast-paced, and the sound of the water only adds to the soothing nature of the picture. At 60 inches wide by 36 inches high, the fountain is big enough to get noticed but it won’t take over a room. Custom Sizes Available. Call for quote.

Jeweled Navigator Wall Fountain

Searching for the jewel in the sky that will elevate your interior to out of this world amazing? Check out the dazzling Jeweled Navigator Wall Fountain. Display this treasure like a crown fit for royalty with a front and center view in your living room or den. Notice how the handcrafted glass orbs are precisely formed to the backside of this glorious fountain. As you light up the wall fountain, using hypnotic LED lighting that is included in the setup, the orbs come to life like diamonds glistening in a dark cave. As the water fountain is illuminated, the sounds of falling water add to the enchanting effect. Boost your mood with a flick of a switch thanks to this sparkling beauty. For a contemporary décor, the abstract design of the swirls and orbs create a vision that pleases the eye. Add the Jeweled Navigator Wall Fountain to your mod style to create a focal point that will titillate your senses. As designed by the amazing Harvey Gallery, this one of a kind creation is handcrafted by expert artisans. Your fountain is an original work of art that will be passed down to generation after generation. Pending availability, fountain ships in 4 to 6 weeks Includes hardware needed for quick installation Can be customized in size available. Call for quote Product is 100 percent USA made

Jewels of Barsoom Stained Wall Fountain

Edgar Rice Burroughs wrote a novel depicting the planet of Barsoom (Mars), the inspiration for this gorgeous wall fountain. Like a mystical scene from outer space, this one-of-a-kind work of art has been created with the highest quality materials for your viewing pleasure. It can be easily placed in any environment of your choosing. The multiple planet-like circles will mesmerize your senses as the water trickles down this piece peacefully. The Jewels of Barsoon Stained Wall Fountain is 28″W x 48″H, which is the perfect size for most decors. If you wish to have a customized Jewels of Barsoon Wall Fountain, contact us and we will gladly have a customized size created just for you. This high quality piece will provide you with years of enjoyment. You no longer have to choose between luxury and affordability, now you can have it all. CUSTOM sizes available Comes with all necessary mounting hardware Ships in 4-6 weeks (please call for current inventory) No sales tax (except Tx) Made in the USA

Katharos Sculpture Water Feature

Katharos is something you've probably never seen before- a combination of a sculpture and a water feature. Its white on white abstract panels and pieces give it an ultramodern appearance. Ordered with an optional LED light hood, you get a beautiful interplay of shadows that will have you seeing new things in this piece time and time again. While its dimensions are 48" tall, 22" wide, and 5" deep, we can make it to almost any size that you might need. It comes with a pump and all the hardware you'll need to hang it up.

Kimono Coins

This is one of the newest fountains that we are proud to offer. There are two different techniques used within creating the art. The discs that look like coins are actually created with a felting technique. A bar needle is also used to help a blend all of the fibers area. It helps the art pop off the screen – and this is only going to make your fountain look that much more impressive. Bright colors will add aesthetics to any room or office as well. The fountain features the sound of trickling water, which can put your nerves at ease. This is definitely one fountain that you will want to have in your home or business. All of the parts are packaged and installation is simple. Custom Sizes Available. Call for quote. Made in the USA

Knit One Abstract Wall Fountain

Any knitting fan is sure to fall in love with this abstract wall fountain. The coils are in the shape of a person with two knitting needles and a ball of yarn. The water travels down the length of the art and into the small copper reservoir at the bottom. It’s a fun and interpretative piece of art that can lend a soothing sound to any environment. Hang it in your home, your knitting store, or anywhere else where you want a tranquil setting. This is yet another winner from the Harvey Gallery, known for their abstract and low maintenance fountains. Optional lighting includes LED lighting as well as a light hood that goes above. Custom sizes available Made in USA Ships in 4-6 weeks following order Easy to set up Order yours today!  

Koi Wall Fountain

For those who love fish but don’t want to (or can’t) spend time caring for them, the Koi Wall Fountain is an excellent choice. Each koi fish is handmade, one at a time, so they look as realistic as possible. When the water is flowing over and around them, they look just like they are swimming peacefully. The soothing nature of fish and flowing water can provide a great opportunity for calm in nearly every setting. The fountain is approximately 28 inches wide by 48 inches high, and is only 6 inches deep. That makes it easy to mount on nearly any wall, for either business or residential use. The fountain requires very little maintenance, and provides the beauty desired in a great water feature.

Large Archimedes Window Wall Fountain

The detailed artistry in the creation of the Archimedes Window Wall Fountain is apparent from first glance through scrutiny. Handmade with cast metal, copper and optical Lexan, this luxury art is both unique and affordable for nearly any budget. The colors highlight the vibrancy of the art, while the soothing water that flows down behind the castings and over the Lexan peacefully enhances even the smallest of artistic details. The delicate trickling sounds created by the water create a peaceful environment suitable for both home and office environments. This wall fountain is truly a symbol of luxury and sophistication that makes for an excellent room focal point and a great conversation piece. Mesmerizing and absolutely gorgeous, the Archimedes Window Wall Fountain will easily match most decors. Size Shown: 6ft wide x 54 in tall. CUSTOM sizes available Fast and easy to install, all hardware is included Usually ships within 4-6 weeks (call for inventory, please) No sales tax (except Texas) Order online or call us today Made in the USA

Lost Bikini Wall Fountain

The Lost Bikini Wall Fountain is an elegant but affordable art piece that has been created for those with the most discerning taste. Enveloped in beautiful copper framing and background, this piece is designed using fiber art, creating an amazingly detailed piece of art. Water flows directly over the optical Lexan, creating a soothing water sound in your home.. This sophisticated piece can be made to your exact size specifications so that you can place it in any location that you choose. The Lost Bikini Wall fountain is appealing for both home and office and will certainly create a gorgeous decoration that is sure to encourage conversation, wonderment and calm. Dimensions: 8ft wide x 5ft tall.    Can  be done any size! Call for quote. Includes: Recirculating electric pump CUSTOM sizes available email for quote: Fast and easy to install, all hardware is included Usually ships within 6-10 weeks No sales tax (except Texas) Order online or call us today Made in the USA Free shipping and discounts do not apply on this custom items. See drop down menus for freight cost.

Majestic River Wall Fountain

As its name implies, the Majestic River Wall Fountain is a large, stone wall fountain offering a large and majestic focal point befitting of any room in your home or office. Designed with natural slate and authentic marble, the two stones combine beautifully, creating a lovely backdrop over which cascading water falls. Its natural, delicate styling will surely impress your guests and clients! Available in three choices, Blackened Copper, Stainless Steel or Rustic Copper, the Majestic River Wall Fountain is available in both straight and rounded edges. Beyond that, the four-way pull chain and dimmer switch allows you to control the amount of lighting given off by this stunning piece. The Majestic River Wall Fountain is also available with LED bulbs, optional. Standing at a very majestic 54 inches wide by 69 inches tall by six inches deep, the Majestic River Wall Fountain weighs 475 pounds without water. The fountain is easy to install and comes with an easy installation DVD as well as printed instructions, polished river rock pebbles and halogen lighting and bulbs. It also comes with a one year limited warranty. Truly a statement piece that perfectly complements almost any decor.

Mandolin Player Wall Fountain

Whether you’re a mandolin player or not, you will find that this wall fountain is absolutely stunning. Bright colors of blue, violet, red, and more come together to tell a whimsical little story. The abstract design flows together, telling everyone a little something different. It will be music to your ears, especially as you hear the trick of water from the fountain itself. The copper frame offers durability and polymers are used instead of lead for the design, making it completely safe. The water recycles behind the scenes and is a very low maintenance unit for your convenience. Easy setup with all hardware included Custom sizes available Made in USA Ships in 4 to 6 weeks Order your abstract wall fountain online or by calling toll free.

Martian Fanatasy Abstract Wall Fountain

Science fiction is brought to life with a scene that looks like it belongs somewhere on the planet Mars. A Martian is standing there in thought with some abstract aspects to make you really go “hmmmm”. It’s a stunning piece of art on its own, though it’s also a wall fountain. The Harvey Gallery brings this to life and their artists have hidden the art behind acrylic, ensuring the water doesn’t damage any of the paint. You can enjoy the sound of free flowing water throughout your home, office, or anywhere else. Easy set up Custom sizes and logos optional Made in USA Order your creative and space inspired fountain today by calling our toll free number or clicking to add to your online cart.

Mega Size Horizontal Creation Two Wall Fountain

The Mega-Size Horizontal Creation Two is a mammoth wall fountain. The eight feet wide by four feet tall fountain can be customized to fit any size and any location. This is a wonderful work of art that truly fits its name, Mega. The intricate painted design is both beautiful and elaborate and will leave you staring in amazement. Each time you view the fountain, you will likely find something different to catch your eye. Whether it is the vibrant colors that leap out, or the soothing flow of the water on the painting face, you are sure to be captivated for hours. Enclosed by pure copper, which is completely safe around pets and children, the actual image is protected from the waters flow by an acrylic cover. Each iteration of the Mega-Size Horizontal Creation Two is unique, therefore, each fountain is truly an original work of art. Dimensions: 8ft wide x 4ft tall.  Can be done any size! Call for quote. NO SALES TAX! (Except TX.) Usually ships within 4-6 weeks (call for current inventory.) Easy to setup and all necessary hardware included. CUSTOM SIZES AVAILABLE Order online or call Toll-Free 1-844-368-6824 today! Made in the USA!

Meteor Shower Copper Wall Fountain

Bronze and aluminum come together to create a unique wall fountain masterpiece. Take advantage of the contrasting smooth and textured finishes and incorporate them within your residence or place of business. This artistic wall fountain increases health benefits via the soothing sounds of running water. This wall fountain offers peaceful sleeping benefits and improved air quality. The improved air quality promotes healthy skin and better breathing capabilities. This meteor shower copper wall fountain will benefit individuals who experience trouble sleeping and waking up energized in the morning. You never have to worry about counting sheep again. Drift off into your dream land and remain asleep until your alarm wakes you to take on the day. The water runs down the center portion and the casting gives just the right visual action to the water. Dimensions: 28" wide by 48" tall Can be done any custom size email for quote: Free shipping or discounts do not apply on this custom item See freight cost in drop down menus.

Midsummer Night’s Dream Wall Fountain

Fall in love with the vivid, emotional colors of one of our most popular wall fountains, the Midsummer Nights Dream. We offer a wide range of sizes, including 10×5′, 48″x28″, and 16’x8″. We value our high-quality fountains and we value you, the customer. Lighting is a popular option with this wall fountain. This fountain does not obtain enough light to suffice as a night light, but the essential focal points of the fountain are illuminated. Welcome this beautiful wall fountain in your home today and take advantage of our free shipping special. This is something you don’t want to miss!

Misty Moonlight Sonota Wall Fountain

One of our most popular artistic wall fountains is the Misty Moonlight Sonota. Enter another plane of existence when you admire this wall fountain. The beautiful, bold, and vibrant shades of purple and pink offer calming visualizations while offering soothing sounds of constant flowing water. Our Misty Moonlight Sonota wall fountain includes two pieces of art in one framed masterpiece. The benefits of our wall fountains exceed all of our customer’s expectations. There is not a better way to relax and unwind in the comfort and privacy of your home. The Misty Moonlight Sonota wall fountain can help you get through stressful days at work by relaxing your mind and body while helping you focus on the tasks at hand.

Monet’s Water Lillies Wall Fountain

For those who are looking for a fountain that is also a work of art, Monet’s Water Lillies Wall Fountain can be the perfect choice. The fountain itself is 60 inches wide by 36 inches high, making it the perfect size for nearly any room. Both businesses and residential locations are excellent choices for artwork, especially by someone as significant and talented as Monet. When that artwork is coupled with the beauty and elegance of a fountain, the result is a striking piece that provides a sophisticated look as well as the soothing sound of gently-flowing water. The Zen feel of the water and the loveliness of the painting itself blend seamlessly together, providing the perfect combination for a home or a commercial application.

Morning in Paris

This wall fountain gives the feel of the light and the warmth of a warm spring morning in Paris. The mix of abstract and traditional will brighten up any room. This is 48" high, 28" wide, 6" deep and comes with a pump and all hanging hardware. This can be made in any size, shape, or color. An LED light hood can be added on to it.

Mother Earth Abstract Wall Fountain

Embrace nature as it was intended with this striking Mother Earth abstract wall fountain. This artistic piece features the silhouette of a woman standing amongst trees and grass. A background sunrise made from soft hues adds just the right amount of color to the fountain, while the soothing sounds of water transform the unit from simple artwork into outright beauty. Calming, stylish, and unique, this fountain makes a great focal point for just about any room.      

Naiad: Spirals of the Sun Wall Fountain

So what is a Naiad you ask? It is a lesser goddess of rivers, streams, or oceans from Greek mythology. They are wild and free, magical and untamed. This one can be in your home or office as a source of beauty and mystery. Behind her you can see a map of the constellations which add a lovely filigree to the piece. An LED light hood can be added to the piece. As it is, it comes with a pump and all the hardware you need to hang it. This one is 48" tall, 33" wide, and 5" deep, but we can make her to any size that you might need.

Napa Valley Wall Fountain

When you cannot visit Napa Valley, there’s a way to bring it to you! This stunning Napa Valley wall fountain features bright greens and yellows to make it look like the vineyards are right beyond the wall. The trickling of water is soothing and you may begin to dream about sipping glasses of Chardonnay or Pinot Noir. This wall fountain was inspired by a vineyard who wanted a focal point within their tasting room. Now it can be hung on your dining room wall or your very own wine tasting room! Custom sizes available. Call for quote. Made in the USA Comes complete with instructions and hardware for installation Enjoy the vineyards today with this exquisite wall fountain. Order on the web or by phone for your convenience.

Nautilus Abstract Wall Fountain

It’s important for people to say “Wow” when they come into a room. The Nautilus Abstract wall fountain is sure to get that reaction out of everyone. The bright blue background combined with the swirling designs is simply mesmerizing. The fountain, made from copper, offers that metallic edge that takes the art to the next level. You can test the imagination and stare at the Nautilus to determine exactly what it is and what it is trying to say. It may have a very hypnotic effect on you and everyone else, especially as you listen to the flow of water down the design. It’s complex and simple at the same time, which is why it’s an excellent addition to a home, office, studio, or private practice. You deserve something this luxurious and it can be yours. Dimensions are 27W x 48H and a custom size can be created for you as well. Ships in 4-6 weeks after order date All hardware is included Order your wall fountain today!

Nemo’s Window Stained Wall Fountain

If you have ever wondered what the bottom of the sea looks like, you can let your imagination run wild with this colorful wall fountain. Titled “Nemo’s Window”, this work of art encompasses a number of bright colors that make you wonder if this is what 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea would look like. The fountain looks as though it’s made from stained glass, though it actually uses a form of acrylic, making it much more durable. The artists have taken great care with creating this water fountain and now you can embrace the style in your own home or office. It’s a conversation piece for sure and Captain Nemo would be proud to see this on your wall. The soothing sounds of the water will just add to the feeling of being at sea. Order yours today and escape to the sea! Dimensions: 28W x 48H. Want a different size? Customizations are available. Made in the USA Ships 4-6 weeks after ordering Call for your stained wall fountain today and incorporate the bright colors onto your wall. See image in gallery. This client asked for more orange and red in colors, so we made it happen. We can adjust colors on any of our artistic fountains!

Olympus Falls

OLYMPUS FALLS Water Fountain Vertical Wall Mounted Water Feature with two panels (Rounded or Squared edges) 75″ Wide x 54″ Tall (6″ deep) Fountain here shown in: Rustic Copper Finish and Rajah Slate Custom Etched Logo is $759.00 per stone. Natural Multi Color Rajah Slate* (Slate is a dark gray background often with spalshes or oranges and burgundys) * As these are natural stones–each is unique in color and texture (photos on the website are representative only) If you would like to pick your actual stone–please see our Stone Selection Option. Includes: Halogen Lighting & Bulbs Polished River Rock Pebbles (Ships complete with EZ Installation DVD and Printed Instructions)


Inspired by the character in Hamlet, Ophelia is a melancholy, sophisticated piece for your home or office, indoor or outdoor area. 48" wide, 32" tall, 5" deep, the water runs over the face of it, if giving the impression of rain. It comes with everything you need to install it and to run. An LED light hood is available as an option. Custom Sizes available. Call for quote. Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.  

Oracle Wall Fountain

The Oracle wall fountain is as original as it comes. Why would you hang ordinary wall art in your home or office when it can be so much more? The hand painted image is taken to the next level because of the water feature incorporated into it. The pure copper design is coated with Lexan, allowing the water to slide down gently without ruining any of the hand painted art. The image is forever preserved and the fountain is as durable as can be. The Oracle can be used indoors or outdoors and will always be a prominent piece of art in your space because of the original shape and colors that are used within. You can display it for all to see or keep it in your area of tranquility where only you and a few select individuals can enjoy the beauty. Also, custom sizes are available. Made in the USA Ships on average 4-6 weeks after placing order Call our toll free number or order online today!

Pacifica Waters

Serenity is important in any atmosphere. The Pacifica Waters fountain offers an array of customizable options for you to choose different hood and tray finishes as well as the addition of a custom logo, ideal for a business. It is a sizable option of 31.5W x 70H that can hang on your wall. You will want it thanks to the trickling water feature that will leave you at peace with the world around you. The fountain can be produced in black, green or rajah stone with the Featherstone option or mirror is another option. The fountain gets mounted to the wall and a light switch allows you to enjoy some illumination. Personalization is everywhere you look, so add a logo or anything else for a professional touch. Polished river rock sit at the bottom of the fountain and the halogen lighting provides the perfect touch of sophistication. Easy to setup with included DVD and all hardware for hanging and assembling Includes lighting, bulbs, river rock, and instructions 60 pounds without water Made in the USA Order yours online or call us toll free!

Pastel Canyon Copper Wall Fountain

Price: $1,455.00
Pretend as though you’re scaling a canyon wall. When you open your eyes, you’re going to see awe inspiring colors of pink, purple, green, gold, and much more. These colors are brought to life within the Pastel Canyon wall fountain. Not only do you get gorgeous colors to fill your room but also the sound of water trickling down the surface and into the copper basin waiting below. The base metal on the fountain is actually aluminum, and then is colored into a copper. The result is breathtaking and we’re confident you’re going to fall in love with it, even before it makes it up onto your wall. Made in the USA Options for custom sizes are available Custom logo available Ships in 4 to 6 weeks    

Pastel Sorcery

This fountain can come backlit, or can be purchased without lighting. All the mounting hardware is included, so hanging it on the wall is easy and won’t take long. Then, its bold, stunning look can be appreciated for years to come. The beauty of an abstract comes through, and there are a number of ways in which to interpret this fountain. These are handmade, and no two are exactly alike. Every fountain will look like this one, but will be just different enough to be unique. The elegance of the design shines through, whether it’s placed in a home or an office. Maintenance is easy, and the fountain will be a beautiful addition to any space as a focal point or in a more subtle role.

Petrified Forest Copper Wall Fountain

At 28 inches wide by 48 inches tall, this is a great fountain for nearly any location. Custom sizes are also available, as are custom logos. Petrified wood is often considered to be mystical and valuable, and it evokes memories of beach trips and related exploration for a lot of people. Copper has an understated elegance that goes well with the wood, bringing beauty to any location. The fountain is easy to set up, and all needed hardware is included. The soothing sound of flowing water creates a relaxing feeling, and can be an excellent choice after a long day. Many businesses also use fountains in their waiting rooms, because they calm people who are waiting and provide a better atmosphere. This fountain can be a wonderful addition to any home or business.

Photo Fountain 28in x 48in

Use any photo to have us create a fountain for you! Chose your personal photo to be in the fountain! Can be any high resolution photo you have! This one is 28in wide x 48in high. Can be any size. Call for quote of any size.

Photo Fountain 48in x 28in

Photo Fountains 48in tall x 28in wide. Chose your personal photo to be in the fountain! Can be any high resolution photo you have! This can be done in any size. Call for quote. Discounts and free shipping do not apply on this custom item See shipping cost in drop down menu    

Photo Fountain 4ft x 3ft

Photo Fountain 4ft wide x 3ft tall. Chose your personal photo to be in the fountain! Can be any high resolution photo you have! Can be done any size. Call for Quote. Discounts and free shipping do not apply on this custom item See shipping cost in drop down menu