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Photo Fountain 4ft x 4ft

Use any photo to have us create a fountain for you! Chose your personal photo to be in the fountain! Can be any high resolution photo you have! This one is 4ft x 4ft. Can be any size. Call for quote of any size. Discounts and free shipping do not apply on this custom item See shipping cost in drop down menu

Photo Fountain 5ft x 4ft

Photo Fountain 5ft wide x 4ft tall. Chose your personal photo to be in the fountain! Can be any high resolution photo you have! Can be done any size. Call for Quote. Discounts and free shipping do not apply on this custom item See shipping cost in drop down menu

Poppy Morpheus

Poppy Morpheus has the feeling of a dream. With heavy impasto textures behind a sheet of clear acrylic, there is quite a bit to see and discover when you look in to the painting. The colors are soft and feminine, with so many secrets to discover within. It is 44" tall, 32" wide, and 5" deep. An LED light hood can be added afterward to accentuate the textures within. It comes with a pump and all the hardware needed to install it. As with our other pieces, it can be made to any size.

Psychoanalysis Abstract Wall Fountain

The vibrant water fountain features 12 faces, each with a unique expression. It can be something you look at for hours and see something new each time you look into the faces that show sadness, happiness, indifference, and more. This is definitely a conversation starter and may help you to identify some new emotions within you. The sound of the trickling water can put you at ease and the colorful design can help your mind to slip away to somewhere more relaxing. Creativity is truly at its peak with this wall fountain. The gorgeous fountain is not only a water feature for the home or office but also a work of art. Hang it on the wall and let the psychoanalysis begin. Whether you are a psychiatrist or not, you will appreciate the humor that goes into the fountain. Please note: Made in the USA Order online or by calling the toll-free number Custom sizes available Easy to set up! All hardware is included Ships within 4-6 weeks

Rainy Night in Manhattan Abstract Wall Fountan

Bright colors and elegance swirl together to form the “Rainy Night in Manhattan” wall fountain. Dominated by blues of every shade, this can look as though the city that never sleeps is being looked at through windshield wipers. The beauty of the buildings at night and in the rain is captured in an awe-inspiring display of paints. The emotion of the city can be felt each time you look at the fountain. It really comes to life because the sound of the fountain gives you the reminder of rain. The Harvey Gallery artists have done a beautiful job creating this wall fountain and it can grace the wall of your home, office, or studio. There’s also LED back lighting to add to the realistic effects created. Enjoy the uniqueness today!   Size shown is 48" tall x 28" wide. All hardware included. Easy to install Ships within 4-6 weeks based on current inventory levels Customize the size Made in the USA Call and order yours today or place the order online! Free shipping not valid on this custom item, see drop down menus. Discounts do not apply on custom items.

Rainy Night in Manhattan Diptic Wall Fountain

What’s better than one gorgeous wall fountain that depicts a rainy evening in Manhattan? How about two fountains! These side by side fountains allow you to take charge of how you want to space the fountains out across your wall. The nighttime scene gives the illusion of buildings and rain and the elegant sound of water dripping down the surface helps to create the feeling of being out on the streets of Manhattan with an umbrella. The painting uses rich blues, mixed with other colors to paint the skyline. There’s also a trick used so that the water doesn’t flow above the art itself. It is a long lasting acrylic so you don’t have to worry about the water slowly destroying the image. Embrace NYC in all of its glory with these two wall fountains that you won’t be able to resist hanging side by side. You choose the spacing to fit the wall. Each unit 27" wide x 48" tall Custom sizes are available Made in the USA Easy to put together Ships within 4-6 weeks for your convenience Order online or place your call toll free today!

Reflecting Pond Wall Fountain

Reflecting Pond Wall Fountain 8ft tall x 4ft wide. Can be done any size. Call for quote. Artisanal quality of this handcrafted work of art is clearly noted by the intricate detail and precision of craftsmanship. Now, you too can own the fantastic Reflecting Pond Wall Fountain. Featuring a mechanical water pump this water fountain creates the illusion of rain falling over the face of a Monet inspired masterpiece. However, thanks to the illusive quality of this optical Lexan your water front will never touch the masterpiece that is actually painted on the backside of a clear panel. Sealed and framed with splendid copper, your Reflecting Pond Wall Fountain is a gorgeous piece of art that offers a sensual delight. Spruce up your outdoor area by mounting this wall fountain to an exterior wall. Customize the piece with optional LED lighting to create a nightly show in your garden that will thrill friends and neighbors. Thanks to the handcrafted quality of the Reflecting Pond Wall Fountain, every one of these wall fountains made are one of a kind. You can create a display of these wall fountains in your interior for an art display that offers more than just a beautiful visual effect. Features a 1-year warranty for the water pump Comes with mechanical water pump  Ships in 4 to 6 weeks depending on availability Can be customized with lighting or size Made in US

Reflection Creek Wall Fountain


Bring harmony, relaxation and the mesmerizing beauty and sound of flowing water to any space with the Reflection Creek Wall Fountain. Perfect for the wall of any home, office or business, this beautiful wall fountain features halogen lighting to catch the sparkling movement of the water. Choose one of several looks, including Natural Slate in either green or multi-colored rajah hues or opt for a bronze or silver mirrored glass look. Squared edges help to create maximum visual interest while the beauty and sound of flowing water calms and soothes. Finish choices of Rustic Copper, Blackened Copper or Stainless allows the Reflection Creek Wall Fountain to blend perfectly into any decor. Dimensions are 38″ wide by 27″ tall and 5″ thick, and the unit can weigh up to 80 pounds, without water. Pump, halogen lighting unit with bulbs, polished river rock and complete instructions are included to make setup and installation fast and easy.

Regal Falls Wall Fountain

Creating an impressive focal point is easy with this Regal Falls Wall Fountain by Gem. Illuminated by overhead lighting, the four slabs of naturally beautiful slate is available in your choice of slate or marble to form a visually arresting backdrop for flowing water as it rushes over them. Customize the Regal Falls 4 Stone Wall Fountain by choosing slabs in FeatherStone, Natural Slate, mirror or Authentic marble finishes, with your choice of squared or rounded edge detailing. Colored lighting is also optional and custom logos can be added to add even more captivating interest. Sized to create maximum appeal, yet hug the wall on which it is installed, the dimensions are 120″ side by 69″ tall by 6″ deep and the fountain (without water) can weigh up to 1,310 pounds. The Regal Falls Wall Fountain ships complete with pump, hardware, polished river rock, halogen lighting bulbs and an EZ installation packet with both printed and DVD instructions. A 1 year limited warranty is also included.


This fountain merges the realistic and the abstract. Every time you look at it, you'll see something else, things hidden inside. The fountain is 48" tall 28" wide, 6" deep. It can be made in any size, shape. or color that you need. It comes with a pump and all hardware to hang it. LED back lights or an LED light hood are available upon request. Custom sizes available. Call for quote. Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery

Rooftops Wall Fountain

This is a very decorative piece of art and doubles as a wall fountain, providing you with the serenity of water trickling down into the copper basin. The art itself depicts a European town scene from the rooftops. There are many bright colors and it can coordinate with all of the decor in your home or office. A technique is used where Lexan is on top of the art itself – and the water will trickle down the Lexan to ensure that none of the paint is affected. Customizable options include lighting & size. Made in the USA All parts included and easy to assemble Call our toll-free number or place your order online in order to enjoy the wall fountain for yourself!

Salamanaca Double-Pained Stained Wall Fountain

Part of the Galaxy Fountain Series from Harvey Gallery, this Salamanaca Double-Pained Stained Wall Fountain features two panels, spaced apart, and then back. Both panels are painted in the front, resulting in an eye-popping display of incredible depth and color. This abstract painting will make your home or office feel as if it is a metropolitan art gallery, yet it will also help to create a sooting and ultra relaxing atmosphere. Each of the Salamanaca Double-Pained Stained Wall Fountains is created using polymer, and no lead is used. The polymers, along with their expert construction, ensure you’ll be enjoying this lovely fountain for many years to come. The fountain stands at 48 inches tall by 27 inches wide; thus, it is the perfect focal point for any room. Further, this fountain is easy to set up, and all the necessary hardware is included. The Salamanaca Double-Pained Stained Wall Fountain is available in custom sizes.

Santa Fe Wall Fountain

It’s not every day that you can incorporate the southwest into your home or office. The desert can be a colorful place and this wall fountain is reminiscent of what the Navajo Indians created during their time. The bright colors can breathe new life into your décor. As soon as the water begins, you can also enjoy the light pitter patter of water droplets cascading down the front of the art. Copper construction lends to a stunning metallic finish as well as a basin where the water collects and recirculates. The fountain is low maintenance, so you can hang it on the wall and forget about it! Size is 6ft wide x 40in tal and other size options are available, so call today! Made in the USA Includes all parts for assembly

Saturday in Brazil Stained Wall Fountain

If you have ever wondered what a Saturday in Brazil looked like, you can let your imagination run wild with this artistic interpretation. The stunning wall fountain uses dazzling colors to create prominent shapes that tell a different story to everyone who gazes upon it. State of the art products have been used to keep the paint safe. The water runs over Lexan instead of the image itself, offering durability for you to enjoy the art for many years to come. This fountain can hang on your wall and make it look as though you have stained glass. The moment the water starts, you can enter a state of relaxation. The LED lights in the back add to the amazing glow that will leave everyone talking about the masterpiece that graces your home or office. It’s the ultimately way to finish a space and create an environment that is peaceful and alluring. Dimensions are 28W x 48H, though there are custom sizes available to fit the size of your wall. Ships in 4-6 weeks based on inventory Made in USA All hardware is included Easy to set up and install Order by calling toll free or by adding it to your online cart!

Sea Party Abstract Wall Fountain

Every wall fountain has a theme and this one is an underwater theme where there’s an octopus and various abstract designs. The backdrop of a deep ocean blue can be mesmerizing and the sound of the water trickling down the art can be just what you need to feel like you’re out at sea. The copper design uses Lexan so the water never comes into contact with the paint. The fish, the water, and the sound of water is the recipe for serenity. The artist has brought the sea to life and you will want this in your home, office, or even seafood inspired restaurant. The wall fountain can be a talking point amongst everyone. It may be the only sea party you ever get invited to, so get yours today! Dimensions: 28W x 48H, though custom sizes can also be ordered. Made in the USA All hardware is included Ships in 4-6 weeks Order your beautiful Sea Party wall fountain today by clicking online or calling toll free!

Serene Water

Serenity is important in any atmosphere. The Serene Waters fountain offers an array of customizable options for you to choose different hood and tray finishes as well as the addition of a custom logo, ideal for a business. It’s a sizable option of 21W x 36H that can hang on your wall. You will want it thanks to the trickling water feature that will leave you at peace with the world around you. The fountain can be produced in black, green or rajah stone with the Featherstone option or glass is another option. The vertical fountain gets mounted to the wall and a light switch allows you to enjoy some illumination. Personalization is everywhere you look, so add a logo or anything else for a professional touch. Polished river rock sit at the bottom of the fountain and the halogen lighting provides the perfect touch of sophistication. Easy to setup with included DVD and all hardware for hanging and assembling Includes lighting, bulbs, river rock, and instructions 20 pounds without water Made in the USA Order yours online or call us toll free!

Serengheti Wall Fountain

Africa is a gorgeous country and now you can embrace the landscape with this stunning work of art. The wall fountain allows water to cascade down the front so you can hear the trickle of water throughout the day. All of the water pools in the copper basin at the bottom and then recirculates so the cascades are constant. The Serengeti wall fountain is large and in charge. The copper frame is durable and the unique design allows the water to run down without coming into contact with any of the paint.  Dimensions: 6ft x 6ft. Can  be done any size!   3ft tall x 6ft wide: $3950.00 Ships in 4-6 weeks Easy set up and all hardware is included Made in USA Order your African wall art fountain today online or by phone!


Colors and symbolism come crashing together with this striking Sistes fountain. This piece features a lovely abstract portrait of two women in bold, eye-catching hues. One of the women is painted in warm, fiery tones and the other is in cooler, lighter hues—a fantastic depiction of the yin-yang of femininity and family. A copper frame provides a warm tone to an already artistic masterpiece. This fountain stands a moderate 48-inches tall and would make a wonderful gift idea.

Sky’s on Fire Copper Wall Fountain

The Sky’s on Fire Copper Wall Fountain has done the impossible. It has captured the beautiful, vibrant colors that are typically only seen when the sun is setting or rising. Place this gorgeous wall fountain, which measures 28″ x 48″, on the wall in any home or office and you will be able to see a sunset/sunrise at any time of the day. This beautiful copper wall fountain is able to have such vibrant colors thanks to a complex and very time consuming process. The entire copper material goes through a hammering process that gives this fountain its dramatic, shiny appearance and unique colors. A common concern with copper fountains is they may rust or have its colors fade over time. The Sky’s on Fire Copper Wall Fountain will not have that happen as the water actually flows smoothly down a Lexan panel that has been placed in front of the copper. This keeps the water from every touching or coming into contact with the copper.

Sky’s on Fire Horizontal Copper Wall Fountain

Our Sky’s on Fire vertical fountain has been so popular that we decided to make one that is in a horizontal dimension to hang on the wall. This copper fountain has been hammered from behind in order to create all of the 3 dimensional lines that helps to bring the design to life. The metal has then been treated with chemicals to bring out all of the different colors. The result? You guessed it! It looks like the sky is on fire. It’s ideal to hang in your living room, a front entrance way, or even in the lobby of your office building. Custom options include size and lighting Made in USA Includes pump and all hardware for assembly Easy to set up Order yours online now or call our toll free number for details!

Solitude River Wall Fountain

The 3 Stone Solitude River Wall Fountain is beautifully created with three adjacent panels of Natural Slate or Authentic Marble joined together for an eye-catching accent perfect for your home or office! Options for the Natural Slate wall fountain include green or rajah (multi-colored), while options available with the Authentic Black Spider Marble wall fountain include rainforest green or rainforest brown. Created using either rounded or squared edges, this fountain comes in three separate finishes: Blackened Copper, Rustic Copper and Stainless Steel. The gently cascading waters create a relaxing atmosphere, which can be further enhanced by the use of the lighting on this fountain. The dimmer switch which comes with the Noble River 3 Stone fountain allows you to dim the lights, if you wish, while the four-way, on/off pull chain allows you to keep the fountain’s water running while turning the lights completely off, or vice versa. A stately piece, the Noble River 3 wall fountain weighs 710 pounds, without water. It stands at 78 inches wide by 69 inches tall by six inches deep. It also comes with halogen lighting and bulbs, polished river rock pebbles and an EZ installation DVD (along with printed instructions). Truly, a naturally elegant piece that will wow friends, guests and clients for years to come!

Sonatina Wall Fountain

Make sweet, sweet music in your home or office with this whimsical Sonatina wall fountain. The music notes help you to think about the music while the water that cascades down is what will actually make some soothing sounds. The copper frame also adds a solid and durable construction to the fountain. Lexan protects the paint itself and allows you to enjoy the fountain for years to come. Anyone who loves music will love this fountain. You can hang it virtually anywhere and instantly feel inspired. The notes are actually representative of the first sonatina by Cameron Harvey. Custom sizes available Add lighting Made in the USA Order your music inspired fountain online or by calling toll free!

Sorcery 1 Abstract Wall Fountain

Sorcery comes to life when you peer into the gorgeous wall fountain. Sorcery 1 is a stunning design produced by artists who know how to use bold colors that tell a sensual and magical story. It can be just as impressive as watching an alchemist turn lead into gold. Everyone sees a different picture, which is what makes this such a fun piece to own. What makes it so unique is that it is not just wall art. It’s also a fountain, so you benefit from the audio of water trickling down the surface. The energetic wall fountain can transform any wall you choose to hang it on. Customize the size for your wall or add a logo for your business. Let the magic take you on a journey you won’t soon forget! Made in the USA Custom sizes available Easy to hang and all hardware is included Ships within 4-6 weeks on average Order online or call our toll free number to introduce this fantastic fountain into your home or office today!

Sorcery Triptic Wall Fountain

Wall art is commonly split into three panels for a stunning and regal look. This wall fountain provides the same style. They can be displayed side by side, at different heights, or wrapped around a corner. The Sorcery Triptic wall fountain has a variety of artistic elements and you will love each and every one of them. A copper back panel has been utilized and then there are optical illusions, bright colors, and Lexan for the water to trickle down from without impacting the paint for the duration. It’s virtually indestructible, allowing you to hang the design with pride knowing it can last for years. The trio of images offers versatility and it can be something people gaze upon for hours, mesmerized by the colors as well as the sound of the water. Dimensions: 3W x 6H for center and 18W and 6H for side panels. Custom sizes are also available Made in the USA Custom logos can be added Ships within 4-6 weeks on average All hardware included and is easy to set up

Spanish Moon

This wall fountain captures the feel of a night out on the town in Spain. The lights, the colors, the sense of excitement and adventure. Each one is made by hand and can be made to order in any size, shape, or color scheme. This is 48" tall 28" wide, 6" deep and comes with a pump and all hardware to hang. LED back light or an LED light hood are available upon request. Custom sizes available. Call for quote. Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

Spirals of the Sun

The Spirals of the Sun takes you back in time. Back to the first moments right after the universe was created. This beautiful wall fountain is an abstract artist’s interpretation of what the universe looked like mere minutes after the Big Bang – bursting sun and all. When looking at this fountain, you will feel as if you are watching the universe’s biggest power source – the sun – as it sends out beams of energy. It is an extremely relaxing, yet energizing experience. Using bold, bright colors, this fountain will bring an energetic vibe to any room. Place it in an office, sitting room, or bedroom for a decorative accent that is sure to get people talking. Other important fountain information: Weighs approximately 55.1 lbs.


This is our Impressionistic take on Spring as the trees begin to bud. Lose yourself in the soft colors as water flows over the front of the artwork. This fountain is 54" tall, 48" wide, and 6" deep, but we can make it in almost any size that you'd like. An LED light hood is also available upon request. This comes with a pump, and mounting hardware. Custom Sizes available. Call for quote. Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

Stained Galaxy I Stained Wall Fountain

Wall art is so much more than just art for your walls. Instead of just hanging there as eye candy, it can be transformed into a wall fountain where you can relax as water trickles down the front. The Stained Galaxy is a stunning piece of art that uses water and lights to change the environment for the better. Special paint is used to give the luminosity of stained glass. To avoid problems with mixing water and stained glass, new textures and mediums have been used. The caning is also done with a polymer instead of lead, making it as safe as can be. Finally, you can enjoy an artistic touch for your home or office and enjoy such at a price you can afford. It’s a conversation starter, too, so you never have to worry about a boring get together ever again. Made in the USA Custom sizes and logos available Ships within 4-6 weeks on average Easy to set up and includes all hardware necessary to hang Order online or call us toll free!    

Stained Galaxy III Stained Wall Fountain

Gaze into the stars and use your imagination for all that you see. The Stained Galaxy III was created by talented artists for the Harvey Gallery and now it can be yours. No two are exactly alike and the size can be customized to fit your wall. The rich colors of blue, orange, red and green help the galaxy come to life wherever you choose to hang it. Some people say it looks like space and others say it looks like it’s underwater. The joy of abstract is that no one is wrong. LED backlighting helps to bring the art to life and truly illuminate the room you choose to hang the wall fountain in. Peace and relaxation will be yours when you turn on the water feature and the sound of trickling streams can be heard throughout the room. It’s the ultimate way to refine your environment. Made in the USA Custom sizes available All parts and hardware are included Ships within 4-6 weeks based on stock levels Call and place your fountain order today or order online!

Stained Galaxy X Wall Fountain

The sensual melange of blues, greens and reds found in the Stained Galaxy X Wall Fountain creates a luxuriously soothing focal point. Exquisitely designed and affordable, this unique fountain allows water to trickle over the art for a mesmerizing experience. This wall fountain is perfect for your home, office, or anywhere that would benefit from the beauty and tranquility of this piece. The Stained Galaxy X Wall Fountain is made without lead for safety and is built to provide many years of enjoyment. It is a unique design and is perfect for even the most discerning of tastes. This piece of art also makes a great gift for the person who is challenging to shop for. This is sure to please and entice at an absolutely affordable price. CUSTOM sizes available Comes with all required mounting hardware Usually ships in 4-6 weeks (please call for inventory) Order online or call us today Made in the USA

Starry, Starry Night

This is our tribute to Van Gogh's Starry Starry Night. Water cascades over the surface to give a magical effect to any place in your home or office. This particular fountain is 48" wide, 36" tall, and 6" deep, but we can make it any size that you need. We even did this one 11' wide, and 8' tall! Can have back lights that look like stars and/or an LED light hood. Custom sizes available. Call for quote. Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery

Still Life Wall Fountain

For people who are looking for something less modern and more traditional, or those who want an eclectic design where they like to mix many styles together, this Still Life Wall Fountain can be an excellent choice. It offers a piece of classic, traditional art, with the added beauty of gently falling water. At 28 inches wide and 48 inches tall, it’s also an excellent size for nearly any room. Dens and sun rooms are great choices for this type of fountain, and it could even easily be used in a bedroom, where the soothing sounds of falling water could be a good way to sleep more comfortably. The peaceful water, coupled with the serene artwork, provide a piece that can easily fit in and be loved at a home or a business.

String Theory Abstract Wall Fountain

Have you been searching for just the right combination of artistic value and tranquil interest for your living spaces? Then the Glass Curtains Stained Wall Fountain by Harvey Gallery is exactly what you have been hoping to find. Back lighting brings the fire-like beauty of stained glass to life, while the sight and sound of the water adds tranquility and a calming energy to your home, business or office. Hand-crafted by skilled artisans, this uniquely beautiful water feature is perfect as a focal point in entry ways, hallways and living areas or as spell-binding conversation piece that will delight customer and clients when they visit your office or business. Big and beautiful, the Glass Curtains Stained Wall Fountain by Harvey Gallery shown measures 48″ wide by 32″ high, with custom sizes and logos also available. Proudly made in the U.S.A, this wall fountain is easy to assemble and install and arrives with all necessary parts, hardware and instructions. Allow 4-6 weeks for shipment. No Sales Tax, except in TX.

Sugar Maple

It’s important to care about wall décor. Instead of just adding artwork to the walls of your home or office, you can hang a gorgeous wall fountain. This copper based fountain features a colorful sugar maple tree that is in full bloom. You wouldn’t be able to plant something this pleasing to the eye, so instead, you can choose to hang it on your wall. It will get some amazing reactions from the people who are able to see it. The copper is hammered from the back in order to produce the mesmerizing 3D effects. Various art principles are then applied to add in all of the color. It’s a stunning design that you can enjoy hanging absolutely anywhere. Once you have it on the wall and add water, it’s going to create the sounds of a river or stream nearby and make you feel as though you have just stepped into the forest. You won’t want to miss out on the chance to add this copper wall fountain to a room in your home or business.

Summit Falls Wall Fountain

Add beauty and elegance to your space with the Summit Falls wall fountain. As the largest vertical water feature available from our store, this piece features a durable round or square metal fountain frame paired with a gorgeous feathered stone or glass fountain face for a sophisticated aesthetic. Choose between stainless steel, blackened copper, rustic copper, or antique bronze to make pairing with your existing decor easy. You can even opt to add your company logo to the face of the fountain, making this piece an excellent addition to a front entry or reception area. The fountain includes a handy pull chain for easily controlling the amount of water and light emitted. A dimmer switch allows you to choose just the right amount of ambience for your unit. This wall fountain is 40" Wide x 74" Tall

Sunflower Wall Fountain

The sunflower has been known to be one of the most vibrant flowers on the face of the earth. Whether you want to cheer up your living room, kitchen, or even an office, this Sunflower Wall Fountain is the perfect addition. The construction is copper and thus makes it safe to be around pets and kids. There’s no lead being used, so there are no worries there. The sound of the water trickling down the front of the sunflower can be just what you need to paint a smile on your face. The colorful hues of yellow and red can also add pizazz to anywhere you choose to hang the fountain. All hardware is included. Order your sunflower fountain today online or call us for assistance.