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Central Park West Wall Fountain

Capture the intrigue of distinctive design! Unique, aesthetic artistry transforms the Central Park West wall fountain into an interesting conversation piece. Crafted from pure copper, the processed color adds to its abstract beauty. Experience the calming effect of an optical Lexan panel creating an illusion of water cascading over the image while being protected from any damage. A breathtaking addition to any space or location, the Central Park West fountain adds a refined elegance and style, harnessing the essence of one-of-a-kind, intricate art design. Safe for everyone in any setting, you’ll bring the outdoors in while enjoying a stunning backdrop every single day. Custom sizes available. Call for quote.

Chartres Cathedral Copper Wall Fountain

A wall fountain should always be worthy of a few extra glances. With wheels that appear to turn and the rich copper look of this fountain, you will be stopping traffic. The fountain hangs elegantly on your wall and has water trickling down to make a sweet melody. A simple basin at the bottom of the art collects the water and recirculates it to the top with a pump that is out of sight. It’s an Old World look and you won’t be able to decide where you want to place it – the home, the office, or somewhere else. Custom sizes available. Call for quote. Made in USA Easy set up with all hardware included Ships in 4 to 6 weeks Order yours online or via our toll free number

Classic Rock Wall Fountain

It’s not every day that you can see art in such an abstract form. The Classic Rock wall fountain is a fun design in the shape of a guitar. It’s so unique because of all of the sculptured metal, though the water flowing down the center is what really takes the design over the edge. Jimi Hendrix would be so proud by this artistic accomplishment – and now you can be the one to take it home. It’s one of the most impressive fountains you will ever be able to hang – and the sound of the water can be music to your ears. Custom sizes available. Call for quote. Made in the USA Ships in 4 to 6 weeks Order your artistic fountain by calling toll free or by clicking online!

Cleopatra’s Chamber Abstract Wall Fountain

Cleopatra’s Chamber has been captured with the help of artists from the Harvey Gallery. The bright colors are symbolic of the jewels, wealth, and even peacock feathers that surrounded the Egyptian queen many years ago. The stained glass effect is created with acrylic, which means the water never comes into contact with the paint. The effects are brought to life with LED lighting, providing a breathtaking illumination. The wall fountain can be ideal for a home or office and the trickling sounds of water can be a great way to relax. It’s going to be a conversation starter and a work of art for you to embrace on any wall. No lead is used and the copper finish makes it durable for years to come. You can enter Cleopatra’s Chamber today by ordering this wall fountain! 27.5W x 48H x 6D, and custom sizes can be ordered Ships 4 to 6 weeks after ordering Made in the USA Easy setup with all hardware included Custom sizes available. Call for quote. Order online or by calling our toll free number!

Copper Fire Wall Fountain

There are instances when you want to make a real statement with the art you choose to hang on your wall. The Copper Fire wall fountain is a great way to make a self-expression and leave people wondering what is going on. Various mediums have been used to create the art that will get people to enter into debates on what the artist was thinking. The sound produced by the water running down the front is also soothing and that leads to a happier you. This is a great fountain to hang absolutely anywhere, including your home, business, or a hip gastro pub. Options include lighting, custom sizes Easy to set up and includes all hardware Made in USA Custom sizes available. Call for quote. Order yours online or toll free

Cottonwood Falls Wall Fountain

There’s nothing more entertaining than coming across a secret waterfall while you are hiking through the mountains. You see the rushing water cascading along the stone face and splashing in the pool below as you just sit and bask in the mist spraying outward. Have your own miniature waterfall splashing over a rock face with the Cottonwood Falls Wall Fountain. From the Cottonwood Falls fountain collection, this wall fountain features several stone aspects as you can watch the water sliding and skipping across the stone face into the basin below. Select from authentic marble, NaturalSlate, FeatherStone or even glass as the background feature. This elegant wall fountain will instantly become a major attraction in any room in your home or your business office. Turn down the lights as this fountain features a customizable six socket lighting effect. You can also have your custom business logo incorporated into the fountain to increase branding and a positive impression about your business. Measuring 61″ wide by 69″ tall and 6″ deep, the Cottonwood Falls Wall Fountain will complete the decor theme of any room


There are many choices when it comes to available wall fountains, but it can be difficult to locate one that is truly abstract. Couple solves that. With its dimensions of 48 inches tall and 28 inches wide, it’s big enough to get noticed but it won’t take over the room it’s placed in. There’s an opportunity to have many lively discussions with friends and relatives when thinking about what the fountain’s pattern could mean. There are many ways to consider its implications and the abstract nature it has to offer. The soothing sound of water that comes with the design will be a comfort to many, and the fountain is easy to clean and maintain. That will keep it looking great for years, giving the opportunity for many people to enjoy it. Custom sizes available. Call for quote.

Custom Bubble Panels

Custom Bubble Panels. Come with multi changing colored lights. Free floating, baffle type or channel type bubble panels. Can be done in any size. $13,900 price listed is for standard channel type bubble panel, 5ft wide x 8ft tall. If you need a different size, Call for quote. Free shipping does not apply on this custom item. A fountain that bubbles rather than flows down over a distance is just as fantastic as other water fountains at creating the calming sound of trickling water. These smart installations use technology that needs little space or force to produce trickles.  These are perfect to be used as indoor fountains and can be easily installed as an elegant addition to your décor. Bubble fountains are available in not one but three different varieties, each having its own working concept: Top Bubble Fountain It sits upright in a large container in which the water gurgles from atop. This is the traditional bubble fountain. The water gurgling creates a series of bubbles with the help of a submersible pump, which is hidden inside the basin. Side Bubble Fountain These use a similar concept to the top bubble fountains except there’s typically an additional design element on their turned side. This can be either a pot or a pitcher that sits on the top of the water reservoir, the larger version of the side element. Streaming Bubble Fountain This type of fountain creates a beautiful stream effect that is the same as pouring water into a larger pool by using a more powerful pump. These do not require extensive know-how or any typical installations, but they can be used as beautiful elements to amplify the ambience.

Custom Willow Tree Wall Fountain

The weeping willow is usually filled with sadness. This stunning wall fountain features the summer willow and measures an impressive 8 feet by 6 feet. You may feel as though you want to curl under the tree and listen to the sound of trickling water all day long. Happiness is brought to life within the fountain because of all of the details. The branches look as though they are swaying in the wind and below are plenty of purple flowers to add that natural look. It can be added to the home or office and will be a conversation starter amongst everyone. You will love the serenity that this fountain brings. As long as you have the wall space for it, you won’t want to miss out on having the fountain as a part of your surroundings. It has been created entirely of copper and is safe to be around pets and children. Includes a first edition signed copy for the sculpture, an electric pump, and all hardware Size shown 8ft tall x 6ft wide. Custom sizes available. Call for quote. Made in the USA Order yours today!