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Stone Finish Solar Birdbath

With an elegant stone finish, this resin birdbath offers a beautiful look in any location. Two happy turtles are found on the edge of the bowl, and there are dragonflies and leaves on the pedestal and the base. The gentle, bubbling water is an excellent way to bring a Zen feeling to a patio or garden, and this birdbath is just the right size to fit in nearly anywhere. No wiring is required for this solar birdbath, which gets its power from a solar panel that stores up energy from sunlight. The birdbath can be set up easily and used right away. Whether you want it to run at night or during the day, you can choose when to use the birdbath and when to turn it off, giving you options. 18 in wide x 25 in total height

Tangerine Ceramic Solar Fountain

Add a splash of color to your garden, balcony, or anywhere else there is some sunlight. The orange ceramic fountain features five brightly colored bowls where the water flows down to produce an incredible sound. It’s solar powered, so there’s no electricity required. You simply have a 10 foot cable that connects to the pump and on the other end is a solar panel responsible for collecting the power of the sun. The fountain operates best in direct sunlight and will help the low voltage pump to function properly. It’s a low maintenance solar fountain that makes it easy to relieve stress by listening to the sound of water trickling down. Absolutely no operating costs AC adapter available to use indoors Main bowl recycles water Create your relaxing atmosphere today by shopping online! This fountain measures 16L x 13W x 20H

Umbrella with Kids on Park Bench Solar Fountain

This resin fountain offers a whimsical and fun way to add the soothing sound of water to your patio or garden. A small boy and girl sit on a bench and read under an umbrella, while a reservoir provides water that is sent up through the umbrella and falls as “rain.” It operates well in direct sunlight, and provides a lovely aged bronze finish. The fountain is 22W x 33H, and weighs approximately 17 pounds without water. It holds one gallon of water, and does not require any wiring. Just set up the fountain and start enjoying it! With solar power, there are no operating costs, and the resin construction makes maintenance easy. Just drain, wipe, rinse, and refill, and the fountain is ready to operate again. Assembled Dimensions: 22′ W x 33′ H Assembled Dimensions: 22′ W x 33′ H Charming and whimsical solar fountain featuring a boy and girl reading on a bench under an umbrella Construction: glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC) Low maintenance: simply drain, wipe down, rinse and refill Operates in direct sunlight Aged bronze finish Utilizes Smart Solar dual solar panel technology Draws water from reservoir up through the umbrella to give the impression of rain Weight: approximately 17 lbs Water capacity: approximately 1 gallon of water No operating costs and no wiring, simply install and enjoy