Rain Curtain Custom Fountain

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Introducing the Rain Curtain Custom Fountain by – a mesmerizing blend of artistry and tranquility. This stunning water feature is not just a fountain; it’s an experience. Watch as water gracefully cascades down, creating a soothing rain curtain effect that captivates the senses and transforms any space into a serene oasis. Whether you’re looking to elevate your home’s ambiance or create a tranquil focal point in a commercial setting, this fountain is the perfect choice. With customizable dimensions and a variety of finishes, you can tailor it to perfectly fit your aesthetic. Made with the highest quality materials, it promises durability and timeless beauty. Dive into a world of relaxation and elegance with the Rain Curtain Custom Fountain.
Dimensions listed below are above the height of the basin.


Bring the soothing sound of rainwater to your office, foyer, landscape, or courtyard with this rain curtain custom fountain. Choose between bronze, stainless steel, or Corten steel.



Very unique rustic water wall. Water flow is like a curtain of rain. Built with steel, and treated to give it the oxidized, rustic look. Comes with pump, and catch basin for water. You pick out and supply your own rocks. Be the talk of your neighborhood!! FYI: Payment on this custom item is check or direct wire. Email size, options and shipping address and we will send invoice and payment info. Email to This feature is shown is 78 in tall x 60 in wide, without the basin. See image in gallery of 9ft x 7ft beauty we sold to winery in Napa Valley! 5ft x 5ft version: $6950.00 Can be done in bronze or copper. Shipping included.  

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Weight 330 lbs


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Very unique rustic water wall. Water flow is like a curtain of rain.Built with steel, and treated to give it the oxidized, rustic look.Comes with pump, and catch basin for water.You pick out and supply your own rocks.

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About Rain Curtains

This stunning fountain can be either rustic or modern, depending on the options you choose. This fountain comes in a wide variety of sizes from the compact to the massive.

Each fountain comes with its own pump, autofill, and stainless catch basin. You pick out and supply your own rocks. If needed, we can add bolt-down plates to bolt the unit down to a concrete pad. Add the downlights option to create a truly incredible night-time water feature. This is a true work of art that you can be proud to own and place anywhere.

Natural Oxidation

Just like rust develops on iron, patina develops on copper when the copper sulphate on the surface interacts with oxygen in the environment. Importantly, unlike rust which corrodes iron, patina actually protects and preserves the copper underneath.

We can build in all sizes, Call for quote
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Be The Talk Of Your Neighborhood

These look amazing at night, with the down lights option. This image also shows the 10in wide optional opening in the basin for less splash and water conservation. We put 3 inch lip around the opening to help more with splash, and to keep rocks from falling into the basin.

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Beautiful Customization

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18ft wide x 8ft tall beast going to a cancer center in Virginia.Our guys putting the finishing touches, then the treatment to initiate orange bloom on corten steel.A thing of beauty being created before our eyes!
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