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Black Acrylic Water Wall

Having a fountain in a home or business can make a bold statement, and can also provide a soothing counterpoint to daily activities. With this water wall, it’s possible to have a focal point that really gets noticed, but that’s still understated to a point and can be part of the background so as not to detract from conversation or specific activities. The wall can be made in any size, and if black doesn’t fit with the decor, the color can be changed, as well. That allows for something that matches with the current design aesthetic, or something that stands out and really gets noticed. Since both are good choices, it’s important to have options available so the fountain really fits the space. Call for quote on colors other than black. Brown Copper color acrylic shown in gallery $12,900 with delivery. This unit shown is 4ft wide x 8ft tall. $9900.00 . Free shipping does not apply for this custom Unit. See shipping cost in the drop-down menus Basin on unit 14 in front to back and 10 in high. The same unit in 33in wide x 84in tall is $2699.00 with delivery. This same unit in 17in wide x 84in tall is $2199.00 with delivery.

Black Acrylic Wave Fountain AF-1W

The striking contemporary look of this Black Acrylic Wave fountain is sure to enhance any room in your home or office. Water elegantly tumbles down across an acrylic panel wave into a black acrylic basin for a modern appeal. Impressive at 7 ft tall x 33 in wide. Comes with 2 lights in basin. Basin on unit 14 in front to back and 10 in high.  The unit shown here is 33in wide x 84in tall is $2699.00  with delivery. Wave fountain Also available in sizes and prices below: This unit comes with 2 color changing LED Lights. $2199.00   Size:  17 ” x 15 ” x 84 ” H   (sku: AF-2W) $1899.00  Size:  14 ” x 15 ” x 84 ” H    (sku:  AF-3W) These sizes come with one light vs 2 on 84 x 33 unit.  Call to order these .  Free shipping and discounts do no apply on this custom item. See drop down menus for shipping cost.

Black Holes

Drama and intrigue surrounds this Black Holes decorative fountain. This unique piece features an abstract painting in hues of blue, black, and aqua for an eye-catching look. A horizontal copper frame adds contrast to the darkness of the image. Water flows freely across the painting into the bottom catch basin to turn an ordinary piece of art into something truly magical. It measures 28-inches tall by 48-inches wide. Optional lighting pieces are available for an additional fee. Custom Sizes available. Call for quote. Discounts and free shipping do no apply on this custom item. See drop down menu for shipping cost.  

Blue Iris Flower- Fountain Only

ABCF275 - Aqua Bella Copper Fountain - Blue Iris Flower Copper Fountain Flowers bring together art, metal, & water exactly where they your home. Hand made by our designer in the most tranquil place in the midst of the deep woodlands in England. Every single element of these sculpted fountains, including the leaves, are hand cut and hand made creating the most beautiful of fountains. No two pieces are exactly identical ensuring individuality and zest in all designs. Flower measures 50" high Includes stainless steel mesh prefilter pump bag to prevent clogging. • Polished Pebbles not included, but are available - 200 lbs recommended Price for 200 lbs shown in drop down menu. Pebble Colors shown in gallery. *This Copper Fountain Tree includes a $175.00 crating fee which is included in the shipping cost. Shipping cost in drop down menus. Basin and Pump set up shown in gallery. Price for kit in drop down menu

Blueberry Ceramic Solar Cascade

The benefit to a solar fountain is that you don’t have to worry about plugging it in or turning it on. The blue ceramic solar fountain will capture the sun’s energy and then run all the time. The water starts at the top and then pours progressively into the pots below, all to land in the final bowl at the bottom. It can be a relaxing environment for your garden, deck, or even balcony. All the water is recycled out of the bowl. This is a low voltage option with a filter and pump. There’s no wiring, so you can set up the solar panel, the fountain, and then enjoy the sound of gurgling water without any kind of operating costs. This fountain measures 16L x 13W x 20H Order yours today!

Blues Eight Wall Fountain

Transporting you from your street to New Orleans’ infamous Bourbon Street, the Blues Eight Wall Fountain effectively captures the energy and vibe of your favorite blues club. The use of vibrant colors and iconic blues instruments captures the essence of blues music perfectly. Painted on the back side of an optical Lexan panel, the piece is enclosed by natural copper. It is also well-sealed, allowing water to flow freely without damaging the artwork. LED lighting has also been added to this piece, creating a relaxed and very romantic atmosphere as the water reflects the subtle lighting. Because each painting is created by hand, no two fountains are exactly alike. Each fountain comes with a signed copy of A Passion for Metal, further underscoring the uniqueness and value of this fountain. The unit as shown here is 8ft tall x 4ft wide! Blues Eight Wall Fountain is safe for use within any indoor environment, and is safe for use around children and pets. Without water, the fountain weighs 110 pounds. The fountain is easy to set up, and all the necessary hardware is included. . A water pump is included with the purchase of the Blues Eight Wall Fountain, and that pump comes with a one-year warranty. Custom Sizes available. Call for quote.

Blues in the Night Wall Fountain (mid-sized)

Travel back in time to the era when blues were the foundation of music. The Blues in the Night wall fountain is eclectic, unique and stylish with images portraying where this legendary addition got started. Beautiful artwork in deep colored hues set the stage for a captivating conversation piece as you experience its magical presence with the calming intensity of water trickling over the images. Mixed methods of color, stain and paints are used to enhance the image and set the mood for a soulful setting. Attached LED lighting provides a welcome contrast to further illuminate what can be a memorable adventure. Safe for residential or commercial use, the beauty of this wall fountain can be enjoyed by all. This unit as shown for this price is 3ft wide x 6ft tall. Can be done in any size! Call for quote.

Blues in the Night Wall Fountain (smaller)

Music lovers unite! Sounds of Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters and BB King inspire the artistic vision of the fantastical Blues in the Night Wall Fountain. A collision of blues influences and modern art, this abstract creation will take center stage in your living room. Featuring a shadowy duo of musicians swaying in the breeze, this contemporary take on musical inspiration will make you want to dance the night away. Swirls of celestial yellow and creative purple whip around the dancing duo for a spectacular image. Gaze upon the beauty of this wall fountain whenever you need a boost in spirit and mood. A true winner for any music lover, this wall fountain creates luscious notes of its own. Thanks to the mechanically operated water pump that streams water over the LED-backlit work of art, your new work of art is truly a showstopper. Thanks to the iridescent hues and metallic oxidation, each of the Blues in the Night Wall Fountain pieces are one of a kind, manipulated by artisans in the USA for a made in America feel as real as the blues itself. Note that the painting methods used are completely safe for pets and small children, making this piece of art family friendly, as well as safe for a high traffic, commercial space. Features Custom Sizes available. Call for quote. 1-year mechanical pump warranty Ready to ship in 4 to 6 weeks pending availability Can be customized by size and logo USA made

Borghese Fountain

The Borghese Fountain is 27.25'' H x 25.5'' W x 20'' D. Total weight is 143 pounds. Includes UL-listed pump. No plumbing is needed. Water recirculates within the fountain. The black, six-foot cord plugs into any standard 3-prong electrical outlet. Cast stone and concrete construction Shown in Verde (VE) Because of the natural characteristics of cast stone, which is porous and not smooth, no two pieces will be identical. Colors are represented as accurately as possible. Uses Fountain Cover: FTNCOV-MED Free Shipping if under 1000 miles from Pennsburg, PA If over that, call or email for shipping quote. Pump included and installation instructions : See Fountain Assembly Instructions Here See Process Here Ideal for outdoor us No additional water source. No plumbing needed Pump recirculates water Comes in 12 different colors to match your surroundings Color Chart
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