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One of the most distinctive facets of luxury-level properties is the presence of one or more high-quality, outdoor fountains that are blended into the scenery of the front yard, back yard, patio, or garden. Both home and business owners can drastically improve the enjoyment level of their outdoor premises by installing an outdoor water fountain that doubles as an elegant work of art. Some of the most notable benefits of an outdoor water fountain include the following:

The contours and colors of the fountain’s structural design will beautify your lot and serve to express your style preferences.

The soothing sound of moving water will make your outdoor area a prime place to relax, while drowning out unpleasant background noises.

Fountains attract abundant bird life because they provide a suitable location to drink and bathe. If you add a bird feeder nearby and give yourself a good viewing angle, it is amazing how much bird life you will see.

The fountain will make a wonderful conversation piece for guests or create a pleasant, romantic atmosphere for customers at restaurants, salons, or other places of business.

Pets love to drink running water, especially on hot summer days. As long as your water is free of harmful chemicals, it is a much more fun and convenient option than letting them drink from an outdoor faucet or hose.

While the five benefits listed above apply to all manner of outdoor fountains, there are many specific design features that apply to only a fraction of the vast variety available. It is impossible to list every individual feature, and many fountains are intensely unique. Nonetheless, we can pinpoint 10 of the most notable design features of luxury outdoor fountains that make them a truly rewarding investment.  

1. Standing on a Pedestal

One of the most common and basic design features is that of stacking various geometric shapes, such as disks, rectangles, or squares, upon a pedestal. The symmetry of these designs brings a sense of balance or “equilibrium” and can have a calming effect.

2. Cascading Water Walls

A second common design is that of a stone wall or pile of smooth rocks over which water cascades in a thin layer. The sunlight makes the water shine brilliantly and brings the natural beauty of the rock formation into clear view. Many of these water-walls are constructed from natural slate or stone, but there are also glass and stainless steel models available.

3. Posing Figurines

Life like figures of men, women, children, cherubs, lions, dolphins, sail boats, and a near-endless array of other creatures and objects are a part of outdoor fountain art tradition. The intricate carvings and exquisite artistry displayed in these representations are nothing less than sculpted artwork that functions as the central focus of the fountain’s overall display.

4. Complex Water Movements

One of the more striking features of many outdoor fountainshttps://fountains.com/the-top-10-design-features-of-high-quality-outdoor-fountains/ is the complexity of their water pathways. Water may drop from bowl to bowl and shoot out of flutes in a steady stream as it zigzags back and forth to the catch basin at ground level. Water may cascade over spherical jars, wind around the fountain in a narrow channel, and suddenly burst over a waterfall just before entering the basin. The step-by-step character of the water’s movements give a sense of progress, the constancy of the water stream speaks of stability, and the interesting twists and turns the water takes bespeak creativity.

5. Soothing Water Sounds

The sounds the water makes during its downward trek are as important as the course that it runs. Generally, the water in outdoor fountains flows gently. You hear a gurgling, trickling, bubbling, pouring, and the quiet sound of a steadily moving stream. You will not hear the drip-drop sound of a leaky faucet or sudden, alarming splashes. Very rarely is a fast, rushing sound made by these fountains, though this is possible since the water flow-rate is typically adjustable.

6. An Antique Ambiance

Seldom, not to say never, do you see a top-level outdoor fountain that is painted in bright, glossy colors. Instead, you mostly encounter classy, and classic, tones that are very much “antique.” White, marble-like whites, terra-cotta browns, deep grays, and various earth tones are common. Partly this stems from the materials, usually stone or concrete, out of which the fountains are built. But, the fact that water fountains are an ancient tradition that has never died from the days of the Roman and Greek empires up till modern times also helps to explain this penchant for an “antique mystique.”

7. Hi-Tech Equipment

Alongside the note of antiquity is one of cutting-edge modernity. Hi-tech water pumps, flow control devices, and underwater basin-lights for nighttime displays are common fare on modern outdoor fountains. While there is an inevitable expense in running them, newfound energy and water-use efficiency is also a major improvement.

8. Sturdy Construction

Traditional cast stone brings together the solid build of concrete and the even more traditional contours of natural stone. Less expensive, but still extremely strong, is the option of glass-fiber reinforced concrete.

9. Customized to Location

While most outdoor fountains can be placed virtually anywhere, some are built with a specific area in mind. For example, some are built as “corner pieces” and others as center pieces that face four ways and dispense water in all four directions.

10. Multiple Components

Many large fountains come in three pieces–the stand, the basin plate, and the top segment. Others come in as many as five pieces. The main reason for this is to make them easier to move and arrange. Since a six-foot height and more than a 1,000-pound weight is not uncommon, this is quite understandable. Online retailers of upscale outdoor fountains, like Fathom Fountains, make all of the most desirable fountain features readily available to everyone with Internet access. Even the heaviest fountains can be delivered and installed with only a simple online ordering process. In the modern world, it is easier than ever to deck out your garden, patio, or other outdoor area with a top-quality fountain

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