Water Fountains



Vacation Spot

Your favorite vacation spot can be an amazing source of inspiration for your water fountain. The good thing about drawing inspiration from your favorite vacation spots is that you can incorporate more than one idea into the fountain. The possibilities are pretty much endless. Consider this example. If you love going to a tropical location during the summer and a snowy location during the winter, you can incorporate both locations into the fountain. You can choose vibrant colors that remind you of the tropical location and a silver glitter or a shiny finish to remind you of the glistening snow.

Here are some other ideas that you can consider:
Shells for the beach
Snowflakes for the snowy mountains
Fishes for fishing excursions
Rocks for hiking or outdoor adventures
Sharp swirling designs or curves for roller coasters at theme parks
Cherubs for missions trips

Fictional Characters

Fictional characters can be a wonderful source of inspiration. Those characters can be from a book, movie, play, musical, television show, or movie. If there was a character who inspired you or simply has a place in your mind, you can think about what type of water fountains that character might have. Historical fiction characters might have liked more intricate water fountains that boast an elegant design. Fictional characters in popular zombie works might appreciate something a little more edgy, such as water fountains with gargoyles. Medical fiction fans might find a water fountain with clean lines to be the most appealing option.

Important Life Events

The most important events in your life can help to inspire your water fountain design. Think back to your high school or college graduation, your wedding, the birth of a child, a major accomplishment at work, or any other important life event. The colors, designs, decor, and other points associated with those events can be your inspiration. A person who was in the military might want a water fountain that reminds them of the good times in the service. A college athlete might appreciate something inspired by the team. A person who wins a major award might want a fountain that is inspired by that award. You might want a fountain that incorporates your wedding colors or baby shower theme.

Sports Teams

Sports teams are another source of inspiration for water fountains. That doesn’t mean that you have to go all out and get a fountain that has the name of the team complemented by the colors of the team and boasting the official logo. Instead, you can try to find a fountain that reminds you of the team. For example, a New Orleans Saints fan might want a fountain that has the Fleur de lis. A New England Patriots fan might want a red, white, and blue fountain or one that has stars and stripes.

Memorial Fountain

Losing a loved one that you were close to is hard. You can use the fountain you are purchasing as a memorial to that person. Think about the things the person liked or enjoyed so you can draw your inspiration from there.

Here are some questions you can consider when you are trying to decide on a memorial fountain:

If you opt to create a memorial fountain, remember that the fountain is the main focal point, but not the only design point that you can use to remember your loved one. You can also create a memorial garden around the fountain to further enhance the memorial. For the memorial garden, you can incorporate smells, colors, trees, or flowers that remind you of your loved one.

Historical Events

Historical events that have touched your life can be a source of inspiration for water fountains. One popular historical event that might be a source of inspiration is when Helen Keller was at the well. If her persistence inspired you to keep on moving when things got touch, a fountain that has a well might be the right option for you. When thinking of historical events, you might not be able to find a fountain that features the exact event that you want. Instead, you might need to think of the design styles that were associated with the time of the event and move on from there. If you are looking for an indoor fountain, you might find the perfect one by looking for an artistic fountain that you feel reminds you of your favorite historical

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