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  • Are Water Fountains Complicated to Install?

    No, water fountains are not complicated to install. The complexity of the installation process will depend upon what type of fountain is being installed. Some fountains may take just a few minutes to install and may be no more complicated than hanging a picture on a wall, while other fountains may have a more complex installation process.

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    All of the fountains purchased from us come with detailed installation instructions. These instructions are written in an easy to understand format that can guide anyone through the entire process. Some of our more complex fountains, such as those with water features, may even come with an installation DVD, which will walk you through the entire installation process step-by-step.

    Call us to learn more about the fountain installation process and ask us any questions you may have about installing a fountain in your home or office.

  • How Much are Battery Operated Water Fountains Compared to Those That Use Electricity?

    The actual cost of a battery operated fountain is no different than a fountain that relies upon electricity to run. Where you will notice a difference is in operating costs. A battery operated fountain costs less to operate than electric-run fountains.Battery operated fountains will cost less to run because they rely upon solar energy. A small solar panel, which is attached to the battery, is placed in direct sunlight. This solar panel is used to convert sunlight into the energy needed to fully charge the battery. Once the battery is fully charged, the fountain will run properly.Call us or visit our website at to browse our vast selection of solar powered outdoor or wall fountains that are perfect for your home or office. .

  • How Much Maintenance Do Water Fountains Require and How Long Do They Last?

    Maintenance is a huge concern our customers have when they are looking for a fountain. Luckily, there is very little maintenance required to keep water fountains looking their best and running properly.The most that needs to be done to a fountain after it has been installed is a basic cleaning. Basic cleaning of a fountain involves draining the fountain and wiping down the entire surface with a damp cloth. This is usually done every two months.In addition to cleaning the fountain, you will be required to properly maintain water levels. Water levels must be kept at their proper level to avoid costly damage to the pump.The last step of the maintenance process is to administer water treatments on a weekly basis. When administering water treatments, you simply add one drop of the chemical treatment to the water for every gallon of water that the fountain holds. This water treatment process is necessary to avoid excessive algae growth that will not only ruin the look of the fountain, but could harm the water pump and other fountain accessories.If these maintenance steps are performed on a regular basis, your fountain should last for a number of years. Call us or visit our website,, to find a beautiful fountain that will decorate your home or office for many, many years.

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