Klamath® Basin Fountain Kit

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Introducing the Klamath® Basin Fountain Kit from, an ideal choice for adding a touch of serenity to your garden. Crafted from durable Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC), it offers the natural beauty of real stone without the heavy weight, making it both long-lasting and easy to install. Perfect for attracting wildlife, this kit creates a peaceful oasis in your outdoor space.

The kit comes complete with a fountain rock, basin, pump, plumbing, and water-cleaning tablets, ensuring a straightforward setup. Optional upgrades like polished pebbles and various lighting kits are available to enhance your fountain’s charm. Elevate your garden’s ambiance effortlessly with the Klamath® Basin Fountain Kit.

Klamath® Basin Fountain Kit

Our most popular single GFRC fountain. This design provides a wonderful small birdbath for your backyard or garden wildlife.

Each GFRC fountain is molded from a real stone and made of durable Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete, giving them a very natural look and texture. The quality construction ensures many years of durability, yet weighs hundreds of pounds less than identical “real” stone.

Each Handcrafted GFRC Fountain is molded from an actual stone boulder and prepared by hand at Fountains

• Klamath Fountain Rock Dimensions: 18″ x 19″ x 16″ high; approx 42 lbs
 Basin Dimensions: 25″ square x 12″ high
 Basin Capacity: 12 gallons
 Polished Pebbles not included

Kit Includes:

• 2×2 Fountain Basin with Grate and Screen
• 370gph Mag-Drive Pump
• All Required Plumbing & Tubing
• Muck Buster® 24 Tablets 
• Installation Manual

Optional Enhancements:

• Polished Pebbles, 1 bag is recommended — Black (#PPBK40) or Mixed Color (#PPMX40)
• Exterior Fountain Lighting — IllumiGlow® Fountain 3 Light Kit (#PB2897)
• Interior Plume Lighting — IllumiGlow® Fountain Plume Light Kit (#PB2903)
• Auto Fill Kit (#ABDAUTO)
• Splash Apron (#ABBSA36)