Mega Grandeur River Floor Fountain 10ft x 7ft


Mega Grandeur Center Floor Fountain by Adagio Water Features

Elevate your space with the Mega Grandeur Center Floor Fountain, a symbol of luxury and tranquility. Its captivating design, featuring a choice of materials like slate or mirrored glass, ensures it stands out as a mesmerizing centerpiece. The gentle cascade produces a soothing sound, perfect for relaxation, while the LED lighting adds a soft, ambient glow. With multiple frame finishes, it blends seamlessly with any decor. More than just decor, this fountain introduces an unparalleled ambiance to your space.

10’H x 7’W

Without logo lead time is 1-2 weeks and with logo 4-5 weeks

Mega Grandeur is our largest freestanding water feature in standard production. This impressive water fountain comes in a variety of metal finishes.

Black Featherstone +
Blue Glass +
Clear Glass +
Green Glass +
Rainforest Brown Featherstone +
Rainforest Green Featherstone +
Green Featherstone +
Multi-Color Featherstone +
Silver Mirror +
Antique Bronze +
Blackened Copper +
Bronze Silverado +
Copper Vein +
Eurso Vein +
Harvest Gold +
Java +
Rustic Copper +
Shimmer Gold +
Silver Metallic +
Silver Vein +
Snow White +
Stainless Steel +
Textured Black +
Woodland Brown +
Black +
Multi-Color +
Striped +
White +
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As tall and majestic as the natural waterfalls it represents, the Mega Grandeur River Wall offers a stunning entrance for clients or guests. This fountain, which stands at 10 feet, gives the illusion that your wall is overflowing with water. Available in both transparent glass as well as in a mirrored wall or feather stone, this optical illusion is as amazing to look at as it is relaxing and soothing. As an added bonus, if you elect to rearrange the decor in your home or office, the Mega Grandeur River Wall fountain can be moved to another location. The fountain also includes polished river pebbles and comes with an easy-to-follow installation DVD as well as printed instructions. We do custom sizes of this water wall! Call for Free Quote! Any Size!

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Weight 750.0000 lbs



10'H x 7'W



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