Solitude River Wall Fountain


The Solitude River Waterfall features 3 stones side-by-side for a large, wall-mounted water feature for your home or office.

Black Featherstone +
Black Spider Marble +
Blue Patagonia +
Chavo Travertine +
Fantasia Travertine +
Fantasy Brown Granite +
Green Featherstone +
Green Slate +
Grindio Travertine +
Magnifico Travertine +
Multi-Color Featherstone +
Multi-Color Slate +
Piano Travertine +
Rainforest Brown Featherstone +
Rainforest Brown Marble +
Rainforest Green Featherstone +
Rainforest Green Marble +
Red Patagonia +
Silver Mirror +
Viscon White +
Blue Glass +
Clear Glass +
Green Glass +
Antique Bronze +
Blackened Copper +
Bronze Silverado +
Copper Vein +
Eurso Vein +
Harvest Gold +
Java +
Rustic Copper +
Shimmer Gold +
Silver Metallic +
Silver Vein +
Snow White +
Stainless Steel +
Textured Black +
Woodland Brown +
Black +
Multi-Color +
Striped +
White +
Squared +
Rounded +
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The Noble River 3 Stone Solitude River Wall Fountain is beautifully created with three adjacent panels of Natural Slate or Authentic Marble joined together for an eye-catching accent perfect for your home or office! Options for the Natural Slate wall fountain include green or rajah (multi-colored), while options available with the Authentic Black Spider Marble wall fountain include rainforest green or rainforest brown. Created using either rounded or squared edges, this fountain comes in three separate finishes: Blackened Copper, Rustic Copper and Stainless Steel. The gently cascading waters create a relaxing atmosphere, which can be further enhanced by the use of the lighting on this fountain. The dimmer switch which comes with the Noble River 3 Stone fountain allows you to dim the lights, if you wish, while the four-way, on/off pull chain allows you to keep the fountain’s water running while turning the lights completely off, or vice versa. A stately piece, the Noble River 3 wall fountain weighs 710 pounds, without water. It stands at 78 inches wide by 69 inches tall by six inches deep. It also comes with halogen lighting and bulbs, polished river rock pebbles and an EZ installation DVD (along with printed instructions). Truly, a naturally elegant piece that will wow friends, guests and clients for years to come!

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Weight 500.0000 lbs

6 x 78 x 69 in



Process Covers



500 lbs


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