Twisting Cascade Complete Fountain Kit


Introducing the Twisting Cascade Triple Fountain Kit, where we blend some of our favorite singles to create an enchanting ensemble for your outdoor sanctuary. Crafted with the utmost care and precision, our GFRC bubbling boulders boast a remarkably natural look and texture, echoing the timeless beauty of real rock while offering enhanced durability and significantly lighter weight. Each handcrafted GFRC fountain is meticulously molded from authentic stone boulders, ensuring authenticity and charm in every detail.

This kit combines the Klamath, Short Cascade, and Twisted Creek fountains, each contributing its unique flair to the cascading harmony. With rugged yet tranquil beauty, these fountains promise to elevate any landscape setting, providing a captivating focal point for serene moments outdoors. Complete with essential components like a 4×4 Fountain Basin with Grate and Screen, a 1300 GPH Mag-Drive Pump, and all required plumbing and tubing, installation is made effortless. Customize your oasis further with optional enhancements such as Polished Pebbles, Exterior and Interior Fountain Lighting, an Auto Fill Kit, and a Splash Apron, allowing you to tailor your outdoor retreat to perfection. Experience the perfect blend of natural elegance and modern convenience with the Twisting Cascade Triple Fountain Kit.

We combine some of our favorite singles in the Twisting Cascade Triple Fountain Kit

Our GRFC bubbling boulders have a very natural look and texture, and Blue Thumb’s quality construction ensures many years of enjoyment, yet these fountains weigh hundreds of pounds less than identical “real” stone. These fountains provide a rugged and tranquil beauty to any landscape setting with the natural beauty of real rock with the added durability and lighter weight of Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC).

Each Handcrafted GFRC Fountain is molded from an actual stone boulder and prepared by hand at Fountains

 Individual Fountain Dimensions: 

  • Klamath 18″ x 19″ x 16″H; approx 30 lbs
  • Short Cascade 12″ x 15″ x 24″H; approx 40 lbs
  • Twisted Creek 18″ x 20″ x 36″H; approx 55 lbs

• Approx. total weight of fountains: 125 lbs

 Basin Dimensions: 49″ square x 12″ high
 Basin Capacity: 70 gallons
 Polished Pebbles not included

Kit Includes:

• 4×4 Fountain Basin with Grate and Screen
• 1300 gph Mag-Drive Pump
• 3-way Flow Control Valve
• All Required Plumbing & Tubing
• Muck Buster® 24 Tablets 
• Installation Manual

Optional Enhancements:

• Polished Pebbles, 5 bags recommended — Black (#PPBK40) or Mixed Color (#PPMX40)
• Exterior Fountain Lighting — IllumiGlow® Fountain 3 Light Kit (#PB2897)
• Interior Plume Lighting — IllumiGlow® Fountain Plume Light Kit (#PB2903)
• Auto Fill Kit (#ABDAUTO)
• Splash Apron (#ABBSA36)